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It’s all happening at the moment for Bang Bang Romeo. Travelling and touring plans intermingle with personal journeys of empowerment and peak cap obsessions. It’s no wonder these guys are buzzing. Just before their Harley gig, I spoke to Anastasia Walker, lead singer and inspiration to all who know her well, about just what is happening on Planet BBR and why we must not take our eyes off them for a second . . .

You’re playing at The Harley tonight and are back in Sheffield. How have you prepared for this gig?

Hello’ello! Well, we’ve rehearsed once… but it’s felt like we haven’t been away from the stage for as long as we have been which is great. We’ve been recording a shit-ton of demos so being in the studio a lot has kept us tight. We’ve also been on a Christmas detox so that’s been fair preparation too. Tonight’s sold out and it’s our first show of the year. We honestly can’t wait to get on that stage.

And we can’t wait to have you back here. What can people expect from tonight’s gig?

We’re currently like a teenage boy who hasn’t been in contact with his nether regions for a few weeks.. haha! That’s the best way of explaining it! We’ll be giving it our all. Being on stage is what we love above all else when it comes to music.

You recently made a huge announcement about recording your new album. What can you tell us about that? How did it come about and what will the process be?

We’ve been working on our debut for quite some time now. We’re huge perfectionists so that’s why we’re looking at our music under a microscope to ensure we’re totally happy. We’ve just started a new partnership with an American company so we’ll be flying out to New York and L.A This month to start work with them and on our debut. Annoyingly we can’t say any more than that ’till we’re out there!

What are you looking forward to most about NY? (except recording of course)

New York has always been one of the top 10 destinations to visit for us. The culture, the city that never sleeps, the magnificence of it in general. We also desperately wanna catch a basketball game ha. Most of all though we’re excited to get working and meet the newest members of our team. We were given a list of producers to look through and pick who we think we’d gel with best, these guys are the best and biggest producers on the planet. We can’t believe the opportunity we’ve been given and can’t wait to meet them, never mind create an album with them!!

Your style is certainly evolving a the moment hugely with Ross’s Peaky Blinders phase and your general change in look?

To be honest Ross has always dressed that way, he was just feeling even more Peaky Blinder-ish that day haha. The Peaky Blinders sound track has also been a big influence on us recently and Ralph Ineson who starred in our music video for Chemical is in it too, so we’re a little bit obsessed at the moment.

Also on a personal level, I’m going through a weight loss transition, one that I’m finally doing for the right reasons. I’m now doing it because I simply just want to, instead of succumbing to the “you need to lose weight”, “you’re fat”, bullshit comments and jabs that even though I’m a strong person, hurt deep down. (Does it really matter what you look like?!). So my dress sense is evolving as I’m growing more confident in myself and I’m loving every second of it!

What is next for BBR? How do you feel your sound is evolving at the moment? Can you cite any new influences? You have created a strong fearless presence and now you are on the verge of creating your new album – what is going on??!! How exciting for you? So fill us in on all your new plans…

We’re so SO excited for you to hear what we’ve been creating so far. We feel a little Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to writing at the moment, you get the BBR that people know, ya know, the euphoric story telling that we love, only for Mr Hyde to pop his head round the studio door and turn that story into a twisted tale in places. We’ve been listening to a lot of The Killers, Noel G, Sigur Ros, Muse, as well as the Peaky Blinders soundtrack to name a few influences of our most recent work.

At the end of February whilst in the States, we’ll be announcing the biggest news of our career so far, and there might be some main stage festival announcements flying about in between haha, so thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point, the next chapter is well on its way…

Exciting plans are afoot … We’ll certainly be watching!



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