Humble beginnings have rapidly earned bragging rights for The Clockworks, who have carved their own unique reflection of small-town day to day from their ‘anonymous’ borough within rural Ireland. But that didn’t scupper music mogul Alan McGee, who offered to take the energetic four-piece to new heights.

We caught up with them last week for a quick chat:

Alan McGee has been championing your music ever since discovering you. What changes have the band seen ever since he took you under his wing?

Life’s changed a lot since meeting McGee. He’s given us a chance to be heard. Not a lot of bands get the chance to step things up to the next level, and we’re lucky enough to have a legend of his calibre in our corner.

You describe yourselves as an ‘Irish Punk Band’ – how has growing up in Loughrea, Co. Galway formed this musical direction?

Loughrea and Galway City respectively gave us a chance to anonymously hone our sound away from the eyes and ears of the industry. We’re very proud to be from Galway.



What can we expect from The Clockworks in 2020?

Lots and lots of gigs. We are doing heaps of festivals, we have a new single coming out January 31st on Creation23.

Any upcoming shows that we need to be attending?

We are doing a few shows in February: Feb 7 – Manchester, Peer Hat Feb 8 – Liverpool, Jacaranda Feb 13 – London, Old Blue Last And so far we’re announced for Hit The North in Newcastle, but we have a lot more festival announcements coming soon. You can keep up to date with us on Instagram @theclockworksband.

As the vocals sway quite heavily towards a spoken word means of delivery – who would you say are your most influential lyricists?

It’s hard to choose a few from so many, but I’d probably start with Morrissey, of course, Ray Davies, Mike Skinner, Shane McGowan, Jarvis Cocker, Lou Reed, Alex Turner, Pete Doherty, Kendrick Lemar. I’d go on all week if I had the time. Or the nerve.

In 3 words or less, summarise your debut single Bills & Pills.

To the point.

Keep up to date with The Clockworks below…


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