It’s been two years since Reading’s indie rockers The Amazon’s graced us with their first album, and a killer set at the King Tuts stage for Glasgow’s first ever TRNSMT Festival, fast forward to now with a brand new album and a few new haircuts they have yet again blessed Glasgow Green with their unique sound and charming stage presence, this time on a well-deserved slot on the main stage.

We were lucky enough to catch up with them under the rare Glasgow sunshine a few weeks ago to find out what’s in store for the lads on their up and coming tour and why Matthew is a fan of big things.


So, from Madrid to Milan to eh GLASGOW, what a week you guys are having! What’s been your favourite so far?

Matthew: Well Glasgow of course! *totally unprompted by us*

Elliot:  It always is. Aw really that’s nice guys!! We appreciate that a lot.

Joe: Favourite out of what?

Matthew: The 3 cities that we’ve been in.

Joe: Aww yeah! Milan was nice, VERY nice.

Matthew: Madrid was also quite nice but so hot!

Joe: And the festival it goes on so late as well, but yeah. We really do love Glasgow.

Matthew: I do enjoy Edinburgh, you’ve just not been to the best parts of Glasgow yet.

Matthew: That’s true, I did visit a nice big old museum last time I was here.

Matthew: SCOTLAND IS GREAT, one of my favourite places. Rich with history and me and Joe both have some Scottish blood in us, my great grandfather is Scottish.

Joe: Mines is Aberdeen.

Matthew: Mines in Edinburgh.

What’s the reaction been like to the new album?

Matthew: I mean it’s been good, as I said earlier it was painful to make in a lot of different ways. Never thought it would give us so much joy and happiness but now that its out people are taking songs, and taking them as their own.

Elliot: I don’t know, I just feel like everything we have been doing is just better than the first record. Matthew: This time around it just feels different, it feels better feels like there is more purpose and people are along for all the right reasons. It feels like we are a little more accomplished in what we’re doing. 


Matthew: Yeah, a bit more confident in who we are, where we want to go. I think this album for us has always been about sign posting what kinda band we are going to be in two albums time. Whilst in the first album was just kinda like the best songs we had at that time.

Joe: Your first album is always just a bit of a compilation really.

Sinead: *Playing it as cool as possible* I LOVED IT.

ALL: Aww, thank you.

Sinead: NO, THANK YOU.

Do you prefer bigger festivals or a more intimate venue?

Matthew: BIGGER, always bigger, I mean we, I mean I. I, I like BIG stuff.



Joe: Bit early for that ha!

Matthew: We just connect with bigger crowds like at festivals, we’ve just come off some support shows with Muse and we did a stadium with them in Milan and I like it and I want to do that.

Joe: We feel comfortable with that now as well I think, maybe with the first album if we had done something like that it would a bit much but now we have built up to it and we are all comfortable in our own skin and it now just kinda feels like the right place for us.

Matthew: The thing that you see with rock and roll over history is it can go from tiny clubs to massive stadiums and we feel comfortable everywhere and everything’s already been done and covered so for us, we are just like an extra round.

Joe: We are like Hansel and Gretel just picking up the crumbs on our way.

So what is on for you guys next?

Matthew:  We have a lot of festivals coming up..

Joe: Yeah, Reading and Leeds soon A hometown show must always be nice?

Matthew: Yeah our parents love it !

Joe: They like that they don’t have to travel very far for it

Matthew: Haha yeah, I currently live really close by.

Elliot: Yeah, you can walk it.

Matthew: Yeah, I can walk to the festival but I still like the idea of getting picked up in the van and driving the full 2 minutes. What else have we got on?

Elliot: We are going to Australia…

Matthew: Oh yeah, were going to Australia and we are find all the koalas and hold them.

Joe: Just cuddle them.

Matthew: It’s a real fly by visit Brisbane, Melbourne Sydney so we are really excited.

What about your up and coming tour, any venues you are looking forward to playing on that? 

Elliot: Ehhhmm Barrowlands?

Matthew: We played the Barrowland’s before with Jimmy Eat World and we remember actually thinking what a cool venue this will be to play.

Joe: We did play The Garage, Glasgow on our last tour which was fun.

Elliot: The Garaggge. The Garaaageeee

All: The Garaaageeee * In our poshest accents for no apparent reason*

Matthew: It’s a special one for us, this tour. We’re kind of putting a lot of different things around. We’ve got Glasgow, Manchester, London to look forward to.

Joe: These are the core of the music scene.

What about the Reading music scene, you don’t often hear much from it?

Matthew: A few years ago, there was a lot of good bands about but for some reason they just ever got the recognition they deserved.

Joe: For some reason nobody wanted to cover it, nobody wanted to write about it, but at the time we were kinda glad that they didn’t because it kinda allowed us to grow as a band without the medias eyes on us at all times but it wouldn’t have done the scene any harm if it had happened. At that time thought, oh well fuck it! If they don’t want to write about us lets go about putting on all our own nights and stuff, and they were full and people were traveling for our shows and it was just really fucking great! All this happening behind closed doors.

Matthew: It’s all about timing and there just isn’t a culture like there is in places like Glasgow.

Joe: There is a BBC introducing night and things but its such a small place its hard to get bands. *Elliot politely interrupts to tell me that I am bleeding from the arm*

Elliot: Are you ok?

*God I’m such an attention seeker, sorry everyone. This is not about me, lets move on!*

So what do you have planned for the rest of today? Are you staying to catch any bands?

Matthew: Chris and Matt are doing a DJ Set tonight in The Cathouse so we will be around all day, going to head up and see SWMRS next, who else?

Elliot: Circa Waves too. Mystery Jets are on as well today, what a line up.

Elliot: Mystery Jets is such a cool name. *we all then continues to list band names with the word Jet in them*

Did you guys have any shocking band names before The Amazons?

All: *Laughs awkwardly*

Joe: What are we willing to divulge?

Elliot: Matthew had another band, called Abstract Asylum which he got straight out of band name generator.


Elliot: Till we die!

Joe: My first band I was in at school was called, Seven Scent Solution. That sounds like something straight from the pharmacy.

Joe: HAHA yeah, you want to get that Seven Scent Solution that’ll clear up any rash!

The Amazons new album FUTURE DUST is out NOW.
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