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Hook-filled, indie rock from … Shader

Shader is quickly developing into future indie superstars with their fresh sound. We caught up with Stu Whiston for a quick chat to tell us a bit about the band …

Introduce yourselves who’s in the band, where are you from?

Stu Whiston – Vocals & Guitar, Mike Lo Bosco- Lead Guitar, Darren Edwards – Bass and Isaac Salisbury -Drums. We’re based in Macclesfield and Manchester.

Tell me about your influences and icons. From Macclesfield/Manchester there’s some proper icons out of those neck of the woods!

Mike and myself met at college, we got talking about Oasis and live bootlegs and he lent me like 15 bootleg CDs of Oasis . In return I taught him the Columbia riff on guitar. Been mates ever since. So early Oasis is a big influence in us. The rawness of like the ‘Live by the Sea’ concert is something that still inspires us to play live. Another big influence would be U2. Especially Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby era U2. I know shit loads of people will laugh but them two albums in my book piss on other bands whole back catalogue. Big choruses and actual lead guitar solos, where did the lead guitar solo go in today’s music? Other bands would be The Beatles, Shack, Happy Mondays and definitely Joy Division and The Stone Roses. Just the northern groove …

You’ve got a pretty hefty reputation for your high quality live performances and strong vocals. When did you first discover you could sing?

Just through pure frustration of not being able to find a singer who could sing them right and who wasn’t a time waster. Started doing backing vocals and then over time just went for it. We work really hard in the live show. It’s the real deal for us, big guitars and big choruses.

Tell me all about your debut single ‘Broken Minds’. It’s quite an interesting title…

Yes.. I normally just make up words to get a melody recorded down for demo purposes, they just kept popping up and I couldn’t shake them off. The lyrics seem to have a lot of tension in them somehow, I’ll probably figure out what it means to me later down the line.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Both Liam and Noel’s new albums. Both great for different reasons. Shack – Waterpistol album … Sgt. Major is a tune! War On Drugs’ new one, Blossoms and quite a bit of upcoming bands. Sheafs and Vida both have tunes. Loads really, the power of Spotify.

Liam or Noel live? 

Noel for me, Liam’s sounding great these days but I’m really keen to hear Noel’s new tunes live and obviously to see the scissors in the flesh.

You’ve just announced you’re supporting Sheafs with This Feeling… Is this your This Feeling debut?

Yes it is, I sent Broken Minds to Mikey Jonns at This Feeling and he emailed me back saying he was loving it BIG TIME. I’m really excited to be playing with Sheafs been listening to them for the last six months.

What’s your plans for the rest of the year?

We plan on releasing a single every three months, we have an album’s worth of tunes but we’re still crafting stuff in the rehearsal room that’s sounding decent. This year will be purely to get Shader heard by the masses. We live for the live show where we can really win people over and so I see pure gigging on the agenda.

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