The Incredible Magpie Band released there first album in 2015…….

Introducing… its available on iTunes and amazon. The album follows up a Zak Starkey (The Who, Oasis) mixed double A side This Chose Me/Money which is also on all digital music sites. Coming off the back of tour dates with The Rifles and a support slot with The Jesus And Mary Chain at Nottingham rock city, Cast at Unity hall , Wakefield and the opening slot on the main stage at the Bingley Festival 2015 the band are receiving great reviews of there music so far! Liam Gallagher has also supported the band, being at there first London gig and tweeting:

”Listen up, there’s only one high flying bird and that’s the Incredible Magpie Band”

Recording there second album at the moment that is set to be released early 2016, stay tuned!

We now catch up with Lee Knowles (Lead vocals/Guitarist) with our quick fire questionnaire!

PERSONNEL – (Band members?)

Lee Knowles (Lead vocals,guitar)

Ben Hardcastle (Lead guitar)

Lou Taylor (Bass)

Matty Davey (Guitar)

Andy Layton (Drums)

WEAPON OF CHOICE – (Instrument?)

As above

MANOVEURES – (Next gig?)

Record Store Day at The Washington Sheffield

OBJECTIVE – (Future holds?)

Stay alive,keep loving, keep writing, keep playing, (keep drinking). New album out early this year!

BASE – (Hometown)

Wakfield, west Yorkshire

FOOTBALL – (Team supported?)

Personally, i haven’t got a team, Ive been to a few Leeds games over the years. A few of the lads support them aswell, apart from Matty, he supports a different team, not gonna mention the name but they play in red !

GUILTY PLEASURE – (Cheesy tune?)

I don’t feel guilty about liking any song, if i like it, i like it.

HERO – (Inspirations?)

Got loads of people in music i/we respect but people that i admire are people that are real, kind, honest, selfless, people that set there minds on something and go for it, regardless of what anyone says or does, my hero’s are the believers, the doers, the unstoppables !

VILLAIN – (Someone like Cheryl Cole!)

Politicians, its a career move, give em minimum wage and see how many of em still wanna do it.

THREADS – (Favourite designer/piece of clothing?)

Paul Smith

TROTTERS – (Favourite footwear?)

Clarks Originals

AT THE BAR – (Alcoholic drink?)

If I’m out, lager, Tyskie is the lager of the gods, red wine, Guinness, brandy, its all good !

IN THE KITCHEN – (Favourite food?)

I love curry but my missus’s cottage pie beats anything !

GIG YOU WISHED YOU’D BEEN AT – (Any in history and why?)

Knebworth, Oasis

NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – (Anyone in history?)

Oliver Reed

FILM – (Favourite film?)


SOUNDTRACK – (Best OST in your opinion?)

Not really into soundtracks but I love the Ennio Morricone stuff he did for the good, the bad and the ugly and the Interstellar sound track that Hans zimmer did, I think i listened to the main theme on repeat for about two weeks, at full volume! that film really touched a nerve with me, once you get past all the space stuff the most important theme in the film is a mans relationship with his daughter and how he had to leave and how he promised he would come back, I’ve got a daughter so I was willing him to get back to see her, the music makes you feel the exact same way, constantly building! Amazing!

TOP 3 TUNES OF ALL TIME – (Favourite songs?)

Bittersweet Symphony

A Day in the Life

Slide Away

FUTURE DUETS? – (Anyone you’d like to work with?)

There’s a couple of people id like to work with but wouldn’t do a duet, the thought of it makes me gip!

TOP OF THE POPS – (Opinion on current music?)

Current music ? Don’t know really, i like a few new bands but don’t really listen to “ current” music, to me The Beatles are current, most new bands are all packaging and no present , everything perfect except the songs, the personallitys, nothing for the next generation of kids coming up to get there teeth into, its like fast food music, easy come easy go! Maybe the powers that be don’t want renegades having a little power anymore, were lucky, when were kids in the 90’s the lunatics were running the asylum.

MERCH – (Available cd?)

The first album is available on iTunes , amazon and spotify and all good online streaming services ! We’ve just started recording the second album so should be out springtime!

THREE WORDS – (Sum up band/you if solo)

Incredible Magpie Band

You can follow the band on Facebook here:

Incredible Magpie Band Facebook


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