My name is Rachel Brown and I am the owner and founder of Northern Exposure. I’ve a big heart and

an insatiable passion for music.

Based in the Leadmill in Sheffield we plan to bring you the latest music news, live

lounges, reviews, and interviews.

Our Motives

-Our motives are never profit driven they are passion driven, and we aim to help promote unsigned bands in

the following ways:

-Giving them a strong social network presence

-We run a live lounge

-We work alongside Well Suspect Records and other record labels and have successfully got a number of

bands signed and onto compilation albums.

-We help you plan and promote your event/festival/gig and have put on successful events at Pretty Green

on Carnaby Street, Baracuta amongst many others.

-We put on a range of gigs throughout the year

-We are fully committed to encouraging all people in the music industry to work together as a team

promoting our #UNITY ethos

-Helping bands to secure magazine, webzine, newspaper interviews

A Word from Rachel, Working with Bands

We work with a select handful of bands and festivals with their promotion. We ensure that we never take on

more than three bands per person, so you get a dedicated member of Northern Exposure giving you

their full attention.

If you are interested in working with us, please drop us an email.

I personally love lyrics and that’s what I look for when working with a band and artist. I love how music

can tell a story and tap into your life. I thrive off artists who are real and emotionally connected to their

music. Real performers that electrify an audience. I am searching for the next Liam Gallagher, Steve

Marriott, David Bowie, or Ian Curtis.

I am looking for individuality someone who’s got the balls to say this is who I am, influenced by the

attitudes of the greats but not trying to be them.

We always encourage and love to work with bands that are willing to work alongside other artists, that

support each other in their journeys, watching each others gigs, sharing and posting for each other via

social media and sharing contacts. 

Rachel Brown Xx