Based in the heart of the Steel City, we’re hell-bent on bringing you the latest unknown, unsigned bands and giving them the exposure and attention they deserve. When you find your next favourite band based this side of the North/South divide, you can thank us.

We’re fans of collaboration, not competition. Our motives are simple, and filled with good-intent.

We intend to use our growing social media and industry presence to give unsigned bands a stage to perform on. If you play your heart out, and put every last drop of effort and soul into your work, we want to give you attention. We favour meritocracy, rather than mediocracy. Who needs profits anyway?

We work alongside promoters, record labels, and figureheads in the local music scene to highlight the best talent, and the best kept secrets of the UK.

We’re a small, but worryingly dedicated team of former bloggers, writers, person-people and gig-lovers who all share a ferocious appetite for brand new music. If it could be the next Gallagher, the next Bowie, the next Curtis, we’ve probably heard of it.

Here we are, in all our glory. Be careful not to be left alone with us in a gig, as we’ll bombard you with bands you’ve never heard of before.


Rachel Brown – Owner/Founder
A passionate music lover,  who’s obsessed with Joy Division and Liam Gallagher, Rachel’s on a mission to revive the underground music scene and bring the ongoing revolution to light. Rachel also loves clouds, cows and bath bombs. When drinking, she’s also partial to Brewdog, Spiced Rum and Prosecco.


Kate O’Brien – Co-Owner
With a passion for all things gothic and magical, the constant soundtrack to Kate’s life has to be slightly dark and brooding, yet often bonkers and political: Think Oscar Wilde, Debbie Harry, Mary Shelley and Tom Waits at a Mad Hatter’s tea party and you’re half way there. She eats, sleeps, writes and breathes to the sound of music. Even if it’s just the melody playing in her head…


Ash Trainer – Amanuensis
A massive fan of the Roses (and fiancee to Rachel), Ash is a general dogsbody who does whatever Rachel tells him to, usually typing up hour-long interviews. He’s also a lover of vinyl, pot washing and putting cheese on everything



If you’re an aspiring writer, an avid fan of music journalism, or someone who probably needs a new hobby, get in touch, and come write for us. You might even get your lovely mug posted here, too.

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