Vocals/rythm guitar- David Hegarty

Lead guitar- Ian ‘Igga’ Cousins

Bass guitar- Chris ‘Keo’ Mckeown

Drums-Waka Stafford

Piano/keybord- Alex Tweedle

Hegarty are a country rock, five piece from Liverpool.

Formed in 2014 and are influenced by the likes of Guns &Roses, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Black Sabbath , The Beatles and Bob Dylan. The boys have had airplay on various local, national and international radio stations, including USA and France.

Currently gigging in their working class home town Bootle, their 4 song EP release titled ‘The Unintended Rebellion’ has been rated 5/5 from itunes buyers and been granted as “excellent” by bloggers.

It was a late afternoon of scrolling through and listening to a multitude a music samples, when ‘I Only Dream’ promisingly caught my attention, it was different, relevant and refreshingly welcomed. The track embarks with a vivacious and enthusiastic guitar introduction, which put me into an uplifting mindset, equivalent to whenever I hear The Las, ‘There She Goes’.

The catchy accessible lyrics, which David Hegarty sings with comprehensibility, will firstly draw in the listener then enable a live audience to sing along and will without a doubt ignite a live gig atmosphere. The favourable use of the harmonica, complimented to tracks ‘Feel Good’ notion and I could imagine listening to the song on a bad day. It effortlessly stimulates an encouraging and productive approach to your day. The track tells of turning something negative into something positive, good and finding a silver lining in every cloud, which of course it had already prescribed me this appreciation and joyous insight. ‘I Only Dream’ is due for release very soon and will be followed by Hegarty’s debut album.

Lisa Lyla Devoy


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