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The Suncharms, Sheffield-based indie band best known in the 1990s for their indie pop tracks, are back. With Marcus Palmer on vocals and tambourine (taught by the delectable Julie Wright – a maestro in her own right), Matt Neale on guitar, John Malone on guitar, Richard Farnell on bass and Chris Ridley on drums, they have emerged from a prolonged period of tinkering behind the scenes and are planning a comeback show very shortly in their hometown to the sheer joy of a core of dedicated Suncharm fans and hopefully to a new generation too.

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Back in 1989, the band quickly gained a great reputation supporting indie pop legends such as The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids and The Television Personalities and by 1990 the first Suncharms demo tape had secured support slots with emerging shoegaze bands such as Cranes, Catherine Wheel and Curve. This is turn brought the attention of Wilde Club records and by June 1991 the first EP was released to favourable reviews, reaching a fairly respectable No.23 in the indie charts.

In November 1991 the second EP ‘Tranquil Day’ was released which then led to a John Peel session in April 1992.

Slumberland Records first approached the band about the possibility of releasing something way back in 1992 but sadly the familiar scenario of band members’ lives going in different directions began to hamper progress so a release never materialised. In April 1993 The Suncharms played what became their last gig for 24 years.

Over the intervening years The Suncharms’ name was kept alive by a small group of indie enthusiasts, websites, online radio stations and bloggers.

In 2014, Richard met Roque Ruiz of Cloudberry Records at the Indietracks Festival and his enthusiasm for The Suncharms was evident. Plans were soon made to release a retrospective compilation of the two EPs plus assorted demos and previously unreleased songs.

In 2015 the band reunited to start collecting old recordings and assorted memorabilia to make the CD and booklet and then in March 2016 Cloudberry released the CD in the USA, UK and Japan.

As a result of all this renewed activity, the band received increased exposure through BBC Radio 6 Music and international radio stations from Los Angeles to Hawaii and decided to get back into a rehearsal space to see if they could still play the old songs and started creating new material.

In February 2017, The Suncharms played their first gig since 1993 opening for The Orchids and The Chesterfields – a nice closing of the circle given that they’d first played with The Orchids way back in 1989.

And now they have exciting news going forward in to 2018! Over the past year, the band have been busy working on new songs and the first fruits of their practices and recording sessions at Pirate Studios, Sheffield, are two songs which were recorded at TeslaDouble and will be released as a AA side: ‘Red Dust’ & ‘Film Sound Track’ on vinyl and digital release.

They have a homecoming Sheffield show on June 16th at The Record Junkee.


Tickets are available here:

For those who loved and for those who will discover them now for themselves, find them here and know The Suncharms.



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