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The UK has always been a hotbed of new, exciting musical talent, as it boasts a proud list of acts that have risen from stages in local pubs to filling out stadiums across the globe. And now, to help continue this trend Red Stripe has revived its relationship with indie flagbearer This Feeling to champion grassroots music in 2018. 

Red Stripe has a rich heritage and association counter culture in the UK, from being drunk by world famous bands such as The Clash to being served at iconic venues. Whilst over the past decade This Feelings has helped to spawn careers for acts such as of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Blossoms, while also gaining celebrity endorsement from indie royalty including the Gallagher brothers and Paul Weller.

This Feeling Tv,  with Red Stripe, Episode 1

This Feeling Tv, with Red Stripe, Episode 1

Following the partnership’s successful launch of new music online TV show Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV, which secured half a million views of performances by the likes of Tom Grennan, Slaves and Rat Boy alongside interviews with Carl Barât, Holly Willoughby and Abbey Clancy, it will return for four instalments in 2018 with Radio X presenter Gordon Smart and fellow DJ Elspeth Pierce at the helm.

An early advocate of the music show for the digital age is former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher who said:

‘They [This Feeling] believe in the power of guitar music, and when the indie scene makes its glorious comeback, you can bet your arse you will have seen it first on This Feeling TV’

In years gone by Red Stripe’s iconic red and white cans have become as synonymous with counter culture and indie music as denim jackets and mod inspired haircuts, and now the brand is delving further back into its live roots by also sponsoring over 200 This Feeling club nights at 40 different venues in cities and towns up and down the country as part of the partnership between the pair.

As well as the live shows, Red Stripe and This Feeling will announce details on a new, exclusive set of live streaming gigs in 2018.  For the first time ever, the raucousness of the crowd and rattling of speakers that has become a traditional feature of This Feeling’s energetic shows, will be made available to fans digitally in real time, via Red Stripe’s Facebook page.

This Feeling Tv with Red Stripe, Episode 1

This Feeling Tv with Red Stripe, Episode 1

What’s more, the partnership is also expanding its Earn Your Stripes initiative, a program for budding technical staff or students to gain valuable knowledge through work experience placements, with the aim of providing the UK’s next crop of Alan McGees and Rankin’s a leg up in the music career. 

Founder of This Feeling and flag bearer for grassroots music Mikey Jonns, who was recently described by Radio X as ‘the champion of rock ‘n’ roll’, said:

“In a climate which is neigh on impossible for new bands to break through or for anyone to give a care about them, with Red Stripe’s help This Feeling are able to revitalise the scene, not just in London, but entire UK.This Feeling is essentially a coalition of venues, bands, reps, DJs, managers, bloggers, photographers and of course mad for it music fans brought together by mutual love. And it’s growing, the dots are joining, the zone is strong, it’s a powerful force. We’re putting on 200+ shows this year and growing and improving #ThisFeelingTV. Everyone’s wondering where the next Oasis or Kasabian are coming from well I know for a fact they’re out there right now and 2018 is gonna be an amazing year for guitar music” 

Izabela Glodek from Red Stripe said:

“The brand has always had a rich association and heritage with indie music, and with Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV returning this year, on top of 200 lives shows and four live-streamed gigs from Pirate Studios, we expect 2018 to be one of the biggest and most exciting years for the brand to date.”

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