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Saturday sees The Kavaliers showcasing their new single, ‘The Right Thing’ at The HUBS in Sheffield. The Kavaliers are a Doncaster born and bred band who burst on to the scene in this current line up less than eighteen months ago. Their own spin on indie-rock gives them that unique edge that is affording them a loyal following of dedicated fans. With Tom on vocals, Alex on bass guitar, Matt and Sam on guitar and Jordan on drums they always deliver an dynamic performance. After gigging around the country, including The Hawley Arms, Camden on the 10th of December, they’ve been preparing for this single release for the last few months. This five-piece are set to smash it – the fans can’t wait for their performance on Saturday.

The Kavaliers’ new single is a song that they’ve had saved for the right moment as they feel this defines The Kavaliers’ music and backing up with “should be A sides” is the perfect thing for them to do. They guys feel that all the tracks on there mean something different to everyone who’s heard them. We would have to agree with them when they say each track  has a unique sound but are like chapters in the same book. There is definitely a commonality there, a defining thread that brings the tracks together.

We asked them what their highlight of 2017 was. Jordan answered…

‘I can’t say just one but definitely starting to work with Northern Exposure.  It’s been a great few months. Another would be losing our London virginity to a packed out pub in Camden. There are plenty of other gigs that had a lot of merit to them last year, shows where we were kicking ass, but you’re always gonna have those gigs – it’s the ones where you really feel connected to your audience that stand out as being special. That was Camden for us and I can’t wait to return when we play The Monarch for This Feeling.

We began managing them last year and in that time have seen the band grow in popularity but also confidence through the work we’ve done in rehearsals and also performing live and receiving such positive vibes from their audiences.

We asked Matty what 2018 has in store for them…

‘Well after the single launch, 2018 is set to be the biggest year we’ve ever had so we genuinely can’t wait to get cracking. We’re especially looking forward to playing at The Monarch in Camden for This Feeling, we’ve always admired the work that Mikey Jonns and This Feeling do and played for them in Leeds last year so it’s an honour to be invited to play London. It’s also a massive pleasure to be playing The Cavern in Liverpool, its always been on our bucket list and Liverpool is such a great city.’ 

Jordan added…

‘We’ve got loads of gigs in and out of the county and in some of the best venues the UK has, so yeah we’re proper up for causing some carnage!’

That’s right – we have prepared a epic tour which is going to get the band out in to the far reaches of the land and get the word out that The Kavaliers have arrived. Check out ‘Ever The Optimist’ to wet your appetites for Saturday. 







You may remember that Teeff played for us at our NE Xmas Party. With Alex Beresford on guitar and vocals and Ryan Boulter on drums and vocals they bring us a unique two-piece bundle of high energy, fabulous hair and fuzzy blues rock with the added complexity of a lead singer on drums. These boys are compelling to watch and whenever we see them the audience are transfixed by their energy and commitment to perfection.  Teeff have just put out their new track ‘Wasting Time’. They told us: 

‘It’s a slightly more poppy toe -tapper than our other stuff out there, not to say it doesn’t have its heavier moments but we definitely enjoyed using the studio on this one.’ 

They say the highlight last year for them was mainly Tramlines within their gig schedule but Ryan buying his leather jacket was a close second. We’ll have to look out for that one! 2018’s looking great for this duo.

‘We’ve got some great looking gigs lined up at some of our favourite venues and hopefully plenty more in the works. We can’t not mention Paris either really, that’s shaping up to be a bit of a cultural exchange and we’d recommend anybody with the weekend free to come and join a growing crowd.’ 

They are certainly key players in 2018 and must not be overlooked. Check out ‘Captain Vere’ below…




TWITTER: @Teeff_Music


The sensational Sisteray, with Niall Rowan on vocals, Dan Connolly on guitar, Marco Polo on drums and Mick Hanrahan on bass guitar are appearing as our main support. They describe their sound and style as ‘East London gift-wrapped in a bubble of love and rage’. They deliver upbeat and high-octane energy melodies which carry sharp lyrical observations of life in 21st century Britain. At every turn, they bring a heady mix of Velvet Underground and Smiths infused ‘butt-kicking new punk’ whipping audiences up in to feverish ecstasy and as a result are rapidly gaining a strong and loyal fanbase. As you read on, why not check out ‘White Knuckle Joyride’ below…

Sisteray are strong, social commentators unafraid to comment on life as they see it. This is clearly a huge part of their appeal as their music reflects the lives and experiences of the many, giving a voice to those who often feel they can not speak out or be heard.

We asked the band what their highlight of 2017 had been and they found it tricky to choose just one:

‘When 15 Minutes was released, we saw it had an instant impact that reached outside the ‘scene’, which was a big thing for us. It drew new audiences and took us to a new level, in both the way we write songs and how they are perceived. Camden Rocks Festival was an obvious highlight, it was one of the maddest gigs we’ve ever experienced, in and out of being in a band. Other highlights were Reading Festival and playing sold out shows in Sheffield and London… as well as taking our ‘Welcome to the Monkey House’ club night to Paris.’

Sisteray have been thinking long and hard about 2018 and where we they are going, what were the positives and negatives of last year and how they can make 2018 their own. They told us:

‘At the end of last year we recorded two new tracks for a potential single with producer Jonathan Hucks who also produced Falseheads ‘Retina’ and both songs sound amazing and according to the people that have heard them, they’re ‘game changers’, whatever that means. But between ourselves we’ve been asking “What’s the point? What does a ‘single’ actually achieve? Pretty much everything we wrote about on our 15 Minutes EP last year was true… though for singles these days you are lucky if you even get that 15 minutes, certainly for radio play. As far as an ‘album’ goes in the modern world – we’re not yet sure our music is suited to anything more than 15 minute or so bursts. We all agreed we like the idea of releasing EPs though, so we persuaded anyone we could to let us back in the studio to record a couple of more tracks and now all the recording for the EP is finished, just a few mixing tweaks and then it should be out in March or April, we can’t wait for people to hear it.’ 

They do have lots of plans and feel that they must push the boundaries with what they can do with Sisteray.

‘We must be true to ourselves with the music and lyrics and if we piss a few people off with some direct call-outs then that’s the way it rolls. We are seeing this year as the start of the Sisteray 3.0 reboot.’ 

Sisteray are supporting The Kavaliers single launch as part of their Hit the North Tour. We asked them what prompted them to plan such a venture…

‘We had a lot of invites to do ‘Big In 2018’ type of gigs in London but it seemed a bit weird as we were part of ‘Big In 2016’… really this year’s Big In 2018 gigs should be called Big In 2020, because that’s how long it takes, the bands on our line-ups were the likes of Paves, The Wholls and Otherkin and this definitely looks like being a good year for all those bands. Anyway, our thought was, get out of London, plus, running our own live club night ‘Welcome To The Monkey House’, where we can put on bands we like. We wanted to freshen up our links with bands we like outside London such as Aerial Salad in Manchester, The Kavaliers in Sheffield, The Racket in Liverpool and Sky Valley Mistress in Blackburn.’





So what can you expect from the evening should you be lucky enough to come along? Three great bands – each a force in their own right – and the chance to listen to their new material designed to caltupult them in to the limelight and all 2018 has in store for our stars of the future.

The Kavaliers will be playing the tracks from their new single including the title track, The Right Thing, a rocking indie anthem which will speak to the hearts of anyone ever scorned.

However, for Sisteray, their favourite track is ‘Mystery Surrounds You’ …

‘It’s got a classical indie feel that the scene would love and it drops nicely in the middle’ 

Teeff’s favourite track is ‘Show Me The Way’. They said…

‘Show Me The Way is a real toe tapper and a half. The Kavaliers are a cracking edition to Yorkshire’s Indie music scene. This band have a very bright future ahead of them.’

You’ll have to decide for yourselves by attending the live launch on Saturday which is yours…

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