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As we walked down the train carriage earlier this week, we deduced there were musical shenanigans going on when we saw these two ne’er-do-wells with their guitars crammed up in to the overhead compartments and knew we’d found members of our tribe. We promptly sat ourselves down knowing that fate had surely brought us together for an enjoyable journey down to the This Feeeling Alive Tour launch in Camden. It would involve Brewdog, packed lunches in silver foil and very little silence.

Fuzzy Jones is an award winning singer-songwriter based in Leeds. She conjures up urban tales of the everyday in her lyrics. Fuzzy is emerging this year as a strong and unique ‘junk shop folk’ artist. She likes to describe her music as ‘ a tea party with Joni Mitchell and David Bowie, where Burt Bacharach occasionally pops by for a coffee.’
Fuzzy’s music has been played on Stuart Maconie’s ‘Freak Zone’, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio Leeds, York, Manchester & Lincolnshire, BBC Introducing, Chapel FM and many other online shows. She  gigs all over the country and beyond, and has graced the stages of Leeds Pride, Green Man Festival, Underneath the Stars, Howard Assembly Rooms and many, many more.


We’ve just rather bizarrely bumped in to Fuzzy Jones and Phil Hepworth on the train going down to London. So, where are you off to today?

We’re going to be on a Radio Show today at 6.30 – it’s Diva Radio based in Central London and it’s the radio station that is associated with Diva magazine so we’re going to talk to a few people like Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby. We’re going to be playing two songs including my new single and have a chat.

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So, your new single is Blue Jeans No.45 – would you like to tell us a little about it?

It’s basically an anti-Trump anti-war song.


Perfect! We do love a little politics at Northern Exposure.

But it’s quite subtle – I don’t know how to describe it really. It was written through my anxieties and was a reaction to Trump that I wrote at the beginning of the year and I felt that after going to lots of protests in Leeds and holding placards up but I felt a bit helpless and I wanted to write a song. So, I wrote this song. Blue Jean is basically a person: a girl – it could be me it could be anybody but it’s when you turn on the radio and all you hear is bad news … it is about her realising it’s time to rise up and have a revolution. We can all do it in our own ways. It’s all about coming up from the grass roots kind of thing – and then number 45 because he’s the number 45 president and it’s on a 45-revolutions per minute record. I’m self-releasing it. I’ve invested in it to get the vinyl done through my own means with the help from friends and a little PR company in London called Piranha Music and it came out last Friday on iTunes and stuff and now I’ve got copies here.


I love the art work and the fact that you’ve put ‘Made in the EU’ on the back. A real two fingers!

Yes. Another political comment as we may not be in the EU soon!


Can you talk to us a little about the art work on the front cover as it really is very elegant and very stylised? Could you share with us how you came to do it?

Yeah. I like doing collages. I love doing paper cut. It’s made from old seven-inch record sleeves so all the bits of paper are just bits of paper from sleeves that I’ve collected over the years and the bit at the bottom from an old Queer magazine and it’s a picture of my face and it took me hours but I love to do it. I’ve done collage for years. I did a Fine Art degree and it’s just also to show that music is related to art, as we know, and again I wanted to do everything myself because I’m a control freak!

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Can we hope to hear from you or see you perform any time soon?

I will be performing at Oxjam in Hebden Bridge at the Albert Pub on the 28th October at 2pm I think. I’m also organising a little focus date for this single release at the end of October but I’m not sure of it yet. And that’s going to have a film screening of the new film that goes with this – we have done a film for this as well: an animation that’s been done by my friend.


Wonderful – can you tell us a little about the reasons behind it or the creative process? The inspiration and so on?

That was also a collaboration with a friend of mine who I met at a wedding – a friend’s gay wedding a few years ago. We weirdly have exactly the same name and the same spelling – Rachael – and we got chatting and she said she was a film maker, wrote her email down and we realised that we had the same name. She also did the video for a single I did a few years ago called This Old Hammock. So, I just sent her this tune. She’s very political and very angry! I literally gave her the song and I said ‘Do what you want. We’re both in to collage and I showed her this and weirdly she said ‘I was thinking of doing it in collage’. So, it is. It’s cut outs a bit Monty Python-esque and Terry Gilliam and again it’s subtly political. But it’s beautiful.


When can we look forward to seeing it?

It just came out last week. On the 15th September. Folk UK Magazine did a launch of it on their website. Just Google and it’s on Vimeo.


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Good luck with your interview tonight and your performances this evening. Fabulous that we met you like this on the train and I hope we can look forward to seeing you soon doing something with us at Northern Exposure. We’ve had a lovely journey down with you drinking BrewDog. God – you should see our table! Or maybe not… But thankyou guys!

Thankyou – yes. We look forward to coming over soon.

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