Causing pandemonium in their hometown of Stoke On Trent, the distinctively, recognisable rockers, Exowaves have really been taking the music scene by storm.

Winners of the best music act at the Six Town’s Radio Awards the boys Zak – Vocals, Adam – Guitar, Si – Bass and Asa on Drums are quickly gaining momentum since only starting to perform together last August. Their second single ‘There’s No Fun’ is a damn fine rock ‘n’ roll little number; evocative, appealing and will feature on their long awaited debut album.

It’s so full of attitude and is one of the most exciting punky rock n roll singles I’ve heard of 2016.

Since I got the pre-released single on Thursday ive not had it off my stereo, its one of those songs that creates an unrelenting, adrenalized, excitement within me.

After all I love nothing better than a good angry punky rock song that makes me want to throw my telly out of the window, and this definitely hits the spot for me!

This single has the whole package, venomous, catchy, iconoclastic attacking vocals, descending guitar riffs and a banging, forceful drum rhythm.

The song ends on a skree of attitude THERES NO FUN!!!!! that will stay stuck in your head for days.

Reminiscent of the Sex Pistols, I predict that Exowaves will initiate a career path for subsequent young British bands, coming out of the Indie era and broaching the punk rock decades that have been out of the charts far too long.

Brilliant 5/5 *****

Here they are……


‘There’s No Fun’





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