Ethan and the Reformation @OneDay/OneLove, The Live Room, Manchester

FRI MARCH 25, 2016 – 10:00 PM

Ethan and the Reformation made a subtle entrance on to the stage of The live room. 70’s, beards and flairs. The most colourful band on stage tonight. With a dream catcher around his neck Ethan created a desirable presence, before belting out some Jim Morrison like vocals. I was personally drawn to the incredible sound of the lead guitarists sound. It was like heaven, you never knew when he was about to unleash a waaaah filled solo, making the crowd want more. To the describe the band I would say that they are exactly what this generation needs, a 1970’s psychedelia revival. So much reverb, indulged with slide guitar creating the new sound that is Ethan and the Reformation They are releasing their new single on April 3rd. The contrast between the dark sound complimented the uplifting vocals. Ethan stated before playing one of the tracks off of the set list “We’re gonna take you on a trip man” and he wasn’t lying. Days after the gig I still feel a little distant from the world knowing that this band are here and to stay.


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