From the outset, this band appear to be your average three piece wannabes, that APPEAR to be trying to do something thats been done. That is until you dig a little deeper.

Michael Edward, Hannah Black Lodge and Tom Shand have managed what in the modern age is almost impossible- make a three piece band, that sounds like its six, and then some. Only Nirvana managed such a feat in history in this reviewers opinion.

I’ve seen the band perform live 3 times, but this is not a live review. Lets talk about their new album, There Is A Tide.

From the outset it is a surprise. The influences to all of the musicians are so deep and textured its impossible to pin it down to just one. At times there are shades of Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Incubus, but listing those bands does not do this justice. It is intricate and well arranged, driving guitar and bass hooks with a drum line that would give you a nose bleed at high volume, Original music at its finest. It doesn’t pretend to be something, it just IS.

What Michael and co have done here, is generate something really original. Track two, ‘I am the Audience’ has a simple hook in the vocal- they are listing to themselves and you, and if they could dance along with you they would. (At one show, Michael actually handed his guitar to members of the audience, and it was not just a gimmick, it sums up how this band work)

Moving through the album, it is filled with intensity passion and amazing musicianship. Musical hooks that seem to come from metal suddenly turning into some sort of indie-esque puzzle, that then hook you back in, to their own way of doing it, with full on vocals bass and drums. its like it teases you at times. A classic example is the acoustic led ‘Last Man Standing’- shades of Incubus that then develops its own direction, without emulation. An impressive feat.

The band also connect with their fans, and don’t let anything get in the way. a memorable occasion was when they were booked to support the Ozric Tentacles at the O2 academy last year. Apparently the Ozrics stated to every venue that no local support was allowed, the message didn’t get to the Liverpool O2. so what did they do? very quickly, booked a local venue, dragged all their fans down to it, and it was a superb show. Stage presence they showed doesn’t need a stage. A pub and a decent backline and it happens. the kind of philosophy every band could learn from. It was very memorable as just how you overcome some silly egotists and their ways. Total respect.

Back to the album then. Again they tease a lot in there, and Again. its fun, and has proper intensity. Ralph brown famously said about the film Withnail and I ‘There is not a crap bit in it’ which I think sums this up nicely. There simply isn’t. its the ‘Withanail and ‘I of current independently produced rock, self produced, self styled, its its own thing. Usually that is nothing to shout about, but in this case, it really is a Tide and this band just made something so special, that tide will come in cover your house, drink your booze, involve you and get you evicted probably. And you know what? It would be worth it! Listen to Again, and you will hear what I mean.

‘There is a Tide’ By Elevant is available on Bandcamp digitally, on CD and with tickets for their shows. https://elevant.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-a-tide


Michael Edward – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Shand – Drums/Shouting
Hannah Lodge- Bass/Backing Vocals

Mastered by Pete Maher

Review by
Jay (Forthaven)


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