Self-proclaimed heavy blues and psychedelic band Edgar Duke have returned to treat us with their new track ‘Fear in a bottle’. The amount of incredibly talented indie and alternative bands that are emerging from Leeds lately is phenomenal, Edgar Duke being one that is really sticking out for a band that’s only being releasing music on Soundcloud for the past year.

‘Fear in a bottle’ is everything you could wish for from an alternative band. According to the group, this is their ‘heaviest song yet’, and I cannot help but agree. The song shows off each of the member’s musical talents exceedingly well, Tom’s vocals coming through strong and sharp throughout with a hint of a Yorkshire accent which really makes the band their own. The ‘Yorkshire twang’ is often forced out of music in recent years, keeping his accent makes the group individual and fresh. An ongoing change in tempo throughout the song and a ripping, gritty guitar is what makes it slightly heavier compared to their earlier work. Adding in thumping drums and bass provided by James Raymond and Luke Strange creates a newer sound for this group.

Personally, I believe that if this is the musical direction that Edgar Duke are heading in we should look forward to their future work. It can take a while for bands to find their sound, but I think they have successfully done it through this song. ‘Fear in a bottle’ and Edgar Duke’s previous songs are all available on Soundcloud, with upcoming tour dates released on Facebook and Twitter which should certainly be looked out for. They undoubtedly are ‘heavy enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls’.

Branwyn Harris


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