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Gig day at the classic sunflower lounge. We was first act to perform at the newly refurbished sunflower lounge featuring with Calva Louise and Plastic Factory. Although a place we’ve played many times before, this had to be the best time we’d played there.
When we got there we bumped into our new pals, Plastic Factory. Great to see them. We highly recommend them. You can find a video of Mitchell on the shoulders of Jack as they sound check on our Facebook page.

It was the second outing for our new guitarist Will. He is coming on so fast and settling right in. We are really happy with him and his natural knack of playing the guitar. Our lead guitarist Jack too has just switched it from 10 to 11. His playing is off the charts right now. Bassist Ben and drummer Callum have connected too of late which has really given our band a massive boost. We were fresh from working with Gavin Monaghan doing our new single Paradise Circus, so we was buzzing and feeling good.

We turned up to do our set, gave it our everything. Dripped with sweat. And played another good set. We dropped in a bit of a Rolling Stones cover (to find out you’ll have to come see) which fed into one of our songs called “You Mean the World to Me’. Also dropped in a new intro to our song ‘Sparks’ which we are feeling really good about! We proper enjoyed our night and loved watching Plastic Factory and Calva Louise. 








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