Declan McKenna wowed his scouse fans on Wednesday night (04/05/22) as he performed at the O2 Academy, Liverpool, as part of his long-awaited Zeros Tour.

Opening for McKenna was Irish Pop and Country singer ‘CMAT’, who’s powerful voice paired with her Irish charm was met with loud cheers as she played an original acoustic set. CMAT’s quirky lyrics and beautifully booming voice worked to hype up the already packed and excited crowd. By the end of her set, the crowd was sad to see CMAT leave the stage, however, she reassured them, exclaiming: ‘Declan’s going to be on afterwards so you’re going to be fine’, and an electric buzz of anticipation filled the room, as everyone patiently waited for the main event. 




After what seemed like an eternity, McKenna’s voice rang out of the speakers, singing an acapella version of With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles. The whole room joined in, an appropriate choice for an opening song at his Liverpool show.#

McKenna, donning his iconic glitter eye makeup and a backwards ‘sorry’ written across his neck (I wrote sorry on my neck, but I was looking in a mirror so it’s backwards) then flew on stage and into a high energy performance of Beautiful Faces, the crowd getting covered in confetti as him and his band then transitioned into Rapture.

For Make Me Your Queen, McKenna brought CMAT back on stage to help him out, and then, clearly knowing the crowd loved her, brought her back out for a surprise performance of his latest single My House, the two singers laughing and dancing around the stage.

After whipping out his acoustic guitar for Humongous, McKenna then decided to ditch his instruments all together for an energetic performance of Isombard, jumping around the stage and into the crowd.

Grabbing a tambourine, he then jumped up onto an amp and gave a performance that would give even LG a run for his money.



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For his final song Be an Astronaut, McKenna showed off his impressive piano skills, while his guitarist Isabel Torres performed an amazing guitar solo.

When McKenna and his band left stage, the crowd chanted for one more song, and he did not disappoint, they then performed an impressive five-song encore, finishing off with Brazil, the single that thrust him into the public eye, and ending with his politically fuelled British Bombs.

With his Zeros Tour, McKenna has proved that he is not just a recording artist, but a performing artist capable of translating his music into a spectacular show that is big enough to fill arenas.

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