Broken Witt Rebels | Gig Review (2nd April 2016 – The Water Rats, London)

These are just few ways of how i would describe Saturday night:

“Undeniably striking music spectacular” and “a soulful musical triumph”

I had the pleasure to go see the wonderful Broken Witt Rebels, a band i’ve now been coming to see the last 2 years in our hometown of Birmingham, but this time I was lucky to have the chance to see them at the stunning venue The Water Rats in London.

The room was packed out and from first note that was struck to the very last, the audience cheered and went wild for the boys. What amazed me as well was the amount of professional photographers that were there, which I must say they captured some absoulete fantastic shots. With the help of people like Peter Noble, Sonia a.ka. Onny Ponny and many other incredible people, they have helped to promote the boys in London and across the world. Seeing how much the boys have progressed last few years and how stunning their songwriting, music harmonisation and musicianship is, it is so great to see the them finally getting the recognition that they truly deserve.

The night started with their top track ‘Low’ which has had constant airplay on many UK and worldwide radio stations and has reached over 10,000 hits on Soundcloud. The night also consisted of some of the tracks from their brand new EP including Guns and Georgia Pine and some from their previous EP including some of classics such as Howlin’ and Shake Me Down. We even had exclusive of listening to 2 brand new tracks named ‘Come On Over’ and ‘God Knows’ which both have some brilliant guitar and drum riffs and bring their musicality to a whole new level! Every time a new song is released, you are just blown away with fresh quality of music that they create!

I was very lucky to have bought an exclusive copy of the boys brand new EP ‘Georgia Pine’ And I must admit it had been playing non-stop since the gig! Georgia Pine is a phenomenal EP featuring some more upbeat and very chilled out classic Southern American bluesy rock styled vibes and with help of Danny raw, husky, soulful vocals, you feel the power and importance and message of the lyrics they’re are trying to portray and what Broken Witt Rebels do with their songs is bring you along on their journey. A never ending, motivated, soulful journey.

The passion the boys have is extradionary and so inspiring. I have been to many gigs where bands may be good at playing their music, but they stand there so static and the lack of feeling is disappointing! The difference with Broken Witt Rebels is that they show each other constant support! It little things like walking over to each other while playing, and looking directly at each other and just in that moment you can see the love and support they have for each other and when they perform they prove that the stage is rightfully theirs and this emphasises their motivation, their dedication and the passion they have for music and to each other.

I don’t think I have ever and will never love a band as much as Broken Witt Rebels! Each time I see them I get the same buzz as I did the first time I saw them live. To sum it up, each gig is like a big family gathering, everyone just has a fucking amazing time and with each gig there is more and more people coming and so the family just keeps expanding and also you will never leave the night disappointed!


I am so proud of how far the boys have come and I know they have so much more left to give. Let go out there and rock the world and show people what they’re missing out on and let put Birmingham back on the map and redeem its music legacy!

Up the Fucking Rebels!

Isabelle Pollock

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