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Putting a gig on away from your hometown is always going to be daunting but in true Mancunian fashion, members of the Manchester music scene turned out in full force to show their support for our first night – despite a lot nursing hangovers from a mental Saturday! A stunning showcase of underground indie rock played for us: we’d like to say a huge thanks to the fans, bands and industry creatives who came out to support us. Cheers to Freeda, Proletariat, Kyris, Mr Peeps (manager of one of Manchester’s top escalating bands No Hot Ashes) our good friend Mark Payne and his partner Trish, photographer David Gleave and many more –  all helping each other promote and support grassroots bands and venues to keep the spirit of guitar music alive.

A MASSIVE thank you to the bands: Stray Scene, The Attic Doctors, The Kavaliers and our headliners Cleargreen for delivering stunning sets to a pretty healthy sized crowd – particularly for a Sunday. 

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The venue Jimmy’s gets a huge shout, which while only in its second year, has already cemented itself as the place to be in Manchester – promising ‘good beer, good music, good times’ and it certainly delivered all three last night. I’d just have to add to that though ‘great sound, staff and a bloody nice pint’.

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Was also lovely to see Rachel from Show Stream TV, a new company that records live music gigs online as they happen. Check out some great performances from some of our favourite bands Queen Zee, Calva Louise, Dream Wife and the Neville Staple Band over at to get a taste of what they do.

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Huge thanks to Arianne, Stevie and Will who will be running our future nights and who helped out selling merchandise (all proceeds going back into supporting bands and shows – you can check it out here) and taking care of the door. And of course our brilliant Gareth from Model D Photography.

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We are really excited for what the future holds for Northern Exposure. Our next show at Jimmy’s is with Hands Off Gretel, Faux Pas and Queasy on Thursday the 12th of July.  Be there for what promises to be some damn sick showcase gigs in Manchester. 

See you all very soon! 

Throughout the night we played tracks from our Living Fast playlist which features some of our favourite bands that you need to check out The SurrendersDirty LacesProletariat.AVALANCHE PARTYCalva LouiseWITCH FEVERThe KavaliersCleargreenMUFFINRedFacesHimalayasStrange BonesTrampoleneJUDASThe Mojo FiltersHands Off GretelSHEAFSMintNo Hot AshesFALSE HEADSBugeyeSONSThe Velvet Hands








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