BLUE RIVER are an energetic and punchy 4-piece indie surf-punk band from Cornwall consisting of members Perran Nicholls (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Marc Willoughby (lead guitar/vocals), Adam Knuckey (bass guitar/vocals), and Brett Buddy (drums/percussion). They are regular festival-goers playing stages at Boardmasters, Leopallooza, Tunes In The Dunes and The Little Orchard, playing the main stages at the latter two.


They are also regulars on the London indie scene playing venues such as The Fiddler’s Elbow, The Spice of Life, Dublin Castle and The Monarch. They’ve recently signed to record label ‘These Bloody Thieves’ and are looking forward to some live dates with This Feeling once things get back to normal. I caught up with Perran for a quick chat about the band and how life is in lockdown. 

First and foremost, how are you and your family handling lockdown? 

It’s a shite time, but it’s something we gotta do init! Just keep looking at the horizon there will be light. 

Can you introduce your band and what style of music would you describe yourself as? 

We are called Blue River and we would describe ourselves as an “Indie Surf Punk” band I suppose, but I’ll let the listener decide. 

What influences do you draw upon? 

The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Black Sabbath, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. 

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us all hard, especially the music industry for obvious reasons. With live music sadly now non-existent for the foreseeable future, how do you plan to tackle promoting your music and band under the current circumstances?

Well, I’ve been putting up acoustic videos of our tunes ever since lockdown, just recently did a cover (we rarely cover anything) so we REALLY have to like it…. said cover? John Lennon – Mother, JL vocals give me shivers man. Anyway, check the cover. 


Are you off work and if so, are you spending much time writing?

I’m a key Worker so yeah I’m currently working 3, 14-hour shifts and then I have 3 days off, it’s very full-on, but Iv somehow managed to write 3 songs on my days off haha! Without sounding arrogant, I find it very easy to write, doesn’t mean it’s any good haha, but I can write up to 5/6 a month easy, one of them is bound to be good in it? 

Check out Blue Rivers Spotify here…

Before lockdown what were you up to as a band? Any new releases we should be checking or looking out for?

We were in talks with them legends This Feeling about some dates down our way before lockdown, so hopefully once this is over we can get back to sorting it and showcasing the talent down here. And on new MUSIC we have some news, we’ve just been signed to These Bloody Thieves Records and are releasing our brand new tune on the label, it’s called Tetsuo and we’ve gone in a completely new direction on this track, it’s heavy, moody, psychedelic and ready to take over the world. The early reaction we’ve gotten from private listens have been overwhelming. We are buzzing to release it, it will be out in the summer. 

What tune of yours should readers listen to right now, that sums you up the best?

Well, I can’t say Tetsuo as it’s not out yet, so I’ll say the tune that landed us our first R1 play, and that’s Sugar White Sand. Go listen! 

To finish, any advice for our readers on how to keep sane in these unprecedented times?

Just go with it, take these times to reflect, plan what you wanna do in the future and be a better person, that’s one thing we can all try to be. 


IMAGINE you could play any venue right now, which would it be? 

The Barrowlands.

IMAGINE you could be the frontman, drummer, guitarist or bassist of ANY band, who would you be? 

Would love to be the drummer for The Who, just smash the fuck outta everything really! Love them, lunatics. 

IMAGINE you are locked down with your musical hero, who is it? 

John Lennon, I’ll be his Yoko no problem. 



TOP LOCKDOWN TRACK: Lock All The Doors – Noel Gallagher 



BETS THING ON THE TELLY: Well, not really telly, but Netflix, Tiger King. (I blame Carole Baskin)  



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