Blossom’s are the perfect example of what a band should be doing to gain success in today’s tough musical climate, but that hasn’t come easy…..

Maintaining a healthy dose of self-belief, and a strong work ethic, the band have toured every corner of the UK and beyond to get to where they are today peaking at number 1 on the UK album chart. They are currently one of the hottest live bands on the music circuit. We caught up with them on their hectic schedule, for a quick chat. Really friendly and down to earth, we caught up with them congratulating JUDAS on their main stage appearance. (See below)

Hey guys, how’s the festival season been for you so far and what your highlights have been?

Josh: It’s been crazy, it’s like the fortieth one we’ve done so its been mad busy but we expected that going into it, we wanted to get in everywhere. With the album coming out in August we thought if we went around the world and smashed it everywhere it would keep us in good stead.

Joe: Really nice festivals abroad. Summerwell at Romania, one in South Korea, Japan, so not just the UK festivals.

Josh: It’s been class travelling about with your four best mates. We’re sick of flying now, though, it’s not just been in the air, it’s the waiting about. I don’t like waiting and standing about!

Where do you gather your songwriting inspiration from? Tom, are you responsible solely for the lyrics?

Tom: I write the songs, I’ve been writing songs since I was 15, kind of lots big pop music has gone into it, from my mum and dad’s record collection. My dad always really encouraged it. Just the love of melody, great pop tunes and hooks.Think these guys are into that as well. I’ve been in bands before, and wrote lyrics, but they’d try to change bits that didn’t need changing, they didn’t embrace it. Whereas now these guys like the songs I write so it works. A lot of the big influences, the core influences for me, are influences for these guys.

Joe: We’re all really different as individuals, but we all share the same tastes in music.

Josh: We all want the same outcome.

Tom: Everyone obviously is really different in different ways, but our core things are very similar. Our outlook is the same, we all want the same thing from it. No ones pulling in different directions.
Joe: We’ve all got the same work ethic as well.

Tom: I’ve always wanted to write catchy songs like Abba and Oasis. Big choruses and things like that.

Josh: Tom will bring something into rehearsals or the studio and we’ll look at it and build with it to make it Blossoms. Tom inevitably and definitely does write the songs! You need someone like that, because if not it can be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Joe: I can’t imagine sitting in a room and saying what shall we write a song about today and bouncing it around five people. It just wouldn’t work.

Tom: Most of the time I’m writing about personal things that have happened to me, which other people can relate to.

Joe: You need a principal ambassador.

Josh: We are more than happy to let Tom, Tom smashes it with the lyrics.

Tom: We’re doing alright aren’t we? (Laughing)

The last time you played you played Leeds/Reading last year you played the Festival Republic Stage, you’ve gone from playing here and then within then and now having a number one album. Does it all seem to you personally like it’s all happened fast in such a relatively short space of time?

Tom: It doesn’t feel that short to us cause we’re in it. We’ve spent every day together for like three years. So to us, it’s like we’ve been eased into this. It’s not like the X Factor for example, when you literally blow up overnight. Then you don’t know how to handle it. Everything’s come bit by bit. We had our first radio play, then we had our first person recognise us, then you do your first festival. You are eased into it. You earn your rights to get where you are. It makes you more humble and you appreciate it more.

Joe: If you’re outside the bubble, looking in at the band you see the more than us who’s in the band. We’ve not really felt a difference, we just carry on.

Josh: Like, a short space time we’ve done forty festivals and gigs in between that. Just shows how many gigs we’ve done and worked so hard. The key things that boosted us where we got into that BBC Sound Off thing which immediately people respect you more because of it’s the BBC. Then we did ep’s that got played on Radio 1. They can really boost you, you can’t knock the power of radio.

Tom: I never knew that when I first went into the band. I just thought it’s all online, but it’s not, if you can blow up online for just farting on a chicken. That’ll get a million views, but no-one really cares.

What does a new band need to make it based on your personal experience?

Tom: Good songs, because that’s what’s going to connect with people and they are going to sing it back and that’s what actually means something. You’ve got to have the work ethic, you’ve got to find fellow members that will work as hard as you, and are willing to dedicate all your time to it. Try and create your own vibe and don’t follow a scene.

Josh: It’s hard isn’t it.

Tom: Yeah, it’s hard, it’s rare that someone from obscurity and working class background like we did. It just proves it can be done. You’ve just got to believe in it.

Josh: I think we always believed in it, we never saw it as a career choice, but when we’d see Oasis in the early days say they just knew that’s how we felt we felt there was no way these songs couldn’t be heard by people,we kind of had that belief. You sound big headed when you say it, but when I used to watch interviews with Oasis and they used to say it, I used to say oh god imagine having that confidence, but when you do it and we did it, you don’t see it as confidence it’s just actually how you feel it’s in you and your just like this is going to go to the next level.

Tom: It’s not arrogance, it’s like why not want to be the best you can be and why not us or why, not the next the next person, there’s always got to be someone.

Josh: Like tom says it’s fundamental you actually need the tunes.

Tom: You need to meet good people, like good management, a booking agent, that takes the weight off booking the gigs, but ultimately they’re only going to get involved if you’ve got good tunes really.

How important is it for bands to support each other?

Josh: I think it’s massive because we’ve obviously had the support of bands like Courteeners, Charlatans, and James. We’ve supported bands like Last Shadow Puppets and that’s only going to help you. They are the bands that we look up to and even just speaking to them sort of people and then them sort of telling you, giving you advice and stuff.

Tom: I saw a band in Manchester called Danterville’s and nobody had really heard them and I bigged them up on BBC Introducing now they’re getting played on Radio 1. We’ve given them support slots.

Joe: Not to sound all philosophical, but music is supposed to unite people.

Tom: After this, I’m going straight over to the introducing stage to watch a band called Frontiers. I go and watch new bands and stuff because we got a helping hand from people in bands, you need that. If someone else was bigging up Danterville’s who no one had heard of it’s harder isn’t it. Whereas if I was in a position where people will actually listen to what I’m going to say then why not utilise it you know just to say these are great. Danterville’s came up to us and said, ‘Thanks for that, it was great’ and it’s not hard is it if you like someone. I wouldn’t do it for any reason, I like them, I think they’re good.

Josh: When we used to support bands in the early days, for example, say if there was a crowd of a thousand people, if one of those people came up to you at the end and said I really enjoyed your set, that’ll stay with you for the next week or so, it really means a lot.

Massive thanks to Blossoms who took the time to chat with us, on their busy schedules. Our time did, unfortunately, get cut short, but we look forward to catching up with them in the very near future! 

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