I feel it’s only fitting to give a short song a suitably compact review; if I dribbled on about this single for too long, everything would just get lost in a plethora of words and jibberish and all that.
Thankfully for me, their SoundCloud bio sums them up quite nicely:
“Taking influences from British punk circa ’76. rebooting it for a new generation. Capturing the essence of disaffected youth…”
And that, in a nutshell, is what ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ is all about really.
But before I get into it, who are these BlackWaters chaps? Four lads from the fictional land of Guildford, full of anger, clean-shaven faces, and whatever else young people are filled with nowadays.
Paying homage to the likes of The Clash and John Cooper Clarke, alongside stateside imports such as FIDLAR and The Ramones, BlackWaters ooze traditional punk through every orifice: Their songs are rather steadfast in their adherence to punk tradition, with a simple palette of chords to choose from, and a memorable array of carefree lyrics accompanied by snarling, yet oddly optimistic vocals.

This rampaging, slightly nostalgic tune isn’t a harsh and unceremonious repackaging of the three-chord wonders of yesteryear, although ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ does channel these predecessors. And unlike many singles from new bands nowadays, it’s also distinctly a product of BlackWaters; the sound of their discography, (particularly tracks such as ‘Down’ and ‘Fuck Yeah’) is firmly cemented with their latest track.
As with many modern punk tunes, I find reviews don’t really do them justice; you can’t catch the essence of an angry young man and put it in writing, unless your Alan Sillitoe or an equally adept wordsmith. So with that in mind, what do I reckon of ‘Let The Good Times Roll’? Have a drink, turn it up, and don’t look into it too much. If you wanted lyrical mastery or ambiguous, philosophical meanings, put some Smiths or Radiohead on, or galivant off to Glasto…
Check out their loaded schedule, with dates throughout July, September and October. You can do some strange dancing at their next show at The Venue in Derby, supporting Carl Barat and the Jackals, and have a gander at their Twitter too.



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