I think its safe to say 2016 has been nothing short of epic so far for the proficient band Bang Bang Romeo.The 4 piece, hailing from Sheffield are gaining quite the cult following among the indie scene (which even includes celebrity fans Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch who have tweeted their admiration for the band after their captivating Leeds Festival performance). Following a successful string of festival performances over the summer, including the almighty Isle of White and the more recent Leeds festival, in which they bought one of the most sizable crowds into the Jack Rocks tent over the weekend, there was no way Northern Exposure could pass up the opportunity to catch up with this hot band of the moment…..

Hi guys, thanks for taking part in our Leeds Festival Special! This is your first time playing at the festival, how are you feeling about that ? And what should fans expect from your set?

We are all massively excited about this, it’s the festival we all came to as young miscreants and we all lost our festival virginities here, so it holds a special place in all of our hearts. This summer has been amazing for us and this is the icing on the cake.

You’ve been smashing the festival circuit this year, have you got one in particular that has stood out so far?

This year has been an amazing ride, being a part of some of the biggest festivals across the country. Isle Of Wight, Y – Not, Dot to Dot, Tramlines main-stage, and now Leeds Festival and lining up alongside so many amazing bands has been wicked. But I think I’d have to say playing the Big Top at Isle of Wight was the summer highlight for us. To be a part of something so massive and special was an honour, thank you to John Giddings and Rick of Solo agency for giving us that opportunity. To be honest the biggest highlight for us has been so many people coming down to our shows! When your playing at the same time as so many amazing acts we’ve been staggered by how many people have been turning out to see us, it’s truly humbling.A lot of this is down to Mikey Johns at This Feeling and the Jack Daniels team, They’ve created a really special movement and platform for emerging acts and it all feels like one big Rock ‘n’ Roll family we are proud to be a part of.


Why did you pick your band name? And how did you form?

The band name was picked in a Tapas bar in Sheffield one night. It captures the poetic side of us, as well as the dark side of the sound which we create. Either that, or tequila played a big part in deciding upon it. Me and Ross had started writing songs together a couple of years back, and Joel used to come into Ross’s clothes shop Revolver Menswear to talk music every single day, so we invited him down for a jam as we dug the same things. We then found Rich on Tinder and the rest is history.


bbr-2In terms of musical influence, which artists do you look up to most?

In terms of pure musical influence, we tend to dwell on Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Zeppelin, right down to Nancy Sinatra and Jefferson Airplane. We all grew listening to these artists, their vibes capture you. I think we definitely take influence from the 60’s, it’s an unforgettable era.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? And what’s the songwriting process?

We take a lot of influence from film’s , but this is more of an accidental thing than deliberate. We are all huge Tarantino fans and I guess you are always a some of your influences, so for people to be picking that out of our music now is a massive compliment. The songwriting is always a pretty organic, Ross or I will bring the main lyrics and melody to the table at a rehearsal, till it slowly builds, adding the meat to the bones, which is always the most important part.
We all just kind of come together and create music. We often joke that it’s telepathic, as we may not speak a single word for a good couple of hours in the studio, but somehow, we’ve all just created a song? It’s a magical process to be a part of.

Chris Kimsey once said your like ‘a hard-edged Fleetwood Mac’, but how would you describe your bands sound?

We’ll take that! Haha huge compliment as Rumors is an all time favourite album of the band. To be honest with you, we couldn’t really ask for a bigger compliment from a bigger producer! Means the world to us, Chris is a force to be reckoned with in the studio and out, so it was a pleasure to work with him and get that reaction, for someone to have worked with The Rolling Stones and other greats to speak of you so highly is hugely flattering. I think the best way to describe our music further, is…. Come see us live and decide for yourself!
What advice do you have for people wanting to start their own band?

Do it for yourself and never anybody else or with fame in mind. The biggest thrill for us is creating music that we love, then if other people are into it also that’s just a bonus. Find some like minded individuals and create something that you love first and foremost. And of course, enjoy yourself, otherwise what’s the fucking point? We love playing live be it to 5 or 5000 people.

Do you have any upcoming shows you would like our readers to know about?

Yes! Straight off the back of our Leeds Festival Debut, we’ll be playing The Water Rats in London on the 21st September. This is a pretty big showcasing show for us, and it’s in support of Musicians Against Homelessness, with all proceeds going to charity. It’s always a wild night in the capital so we can’t wait for this one!

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We shall also be announcing some special news in the very near future. Keep your eyes on!

How can fans to be access your music?

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Thanks for all the support from Northern Exposure so far, we really appreciate it!

Interview/Photography Imogen Thomas


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