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Tomorrow morning, Bang Bang Romeo drop their new video ‘Shame On You’. A few weeks ago we were invited on set to cover and take photographs from the video. Tonight, we share exclusive pictures taken by Trust A Fox just before the release. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 15.34.08Having signed a worldwide record deal with Eleven Seven Label Group recently, the band are back with this powerful and electrifying new single and video to match. Clocking in under three minutes, and with one of the catchiest rock choruses we have heard in a long time, Shame On You is a bonafide rock hit in the making.

This could be the young bands break out single as it’s destined for the airwaves. Once thing is for certain, if Bang Bang Romeo continue to release hypnotic pop rock hits like ‘Shame on You’, the future is theirs… Northern Exposure

Filmed at two locations Doncaster Racecourse and Sitcom Soldiers, the video sees a jaw-dropping performance from Bang Bang Romeo, with an equally evocative and captivating sequence of shameful moments, seen from the eye of Anastasia.

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Bang Bang Romeo have also been championed by one of the greatest promoters of our time – John Giddings. He is the man behind the successful revival the Isle of Wight Festival. He personally invited the band to open the 50th anniversary proceedings at the Isle of Wight Festival last weekend. When asked about the performance he said…

“Bang Bang Romeo drew the biggest crowd we have ever seen for an opening act at the IOW Festival and their performance was legendary”  John Giddings: Isle Of Wight Festival/Solo M

John has been responsible for huge tours over the years with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Genesis, Celine Dion, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. After breathing new life into the IOW festival IN 2002, he continues to run it to the present day.

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Last night, Gordon Smart played the new track ‘Shame On You’ on Radio X. It received the biggest response on the Radio X text appeal ever (the previous one that held the highest was for Bang Bang Romeo’s – Natural Born Astronaut

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Shame On You is another compelling and anthemic addition to their growing catalogue and we can’t wait to see the video and hear more from this talented trio.

‘Shame on You’ video is out tomorrow. Stream or download the track –

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