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Bandit have amassed nearly 300,000 streams on Spotify, over 220,000 views on TikTok, and taken to the stage with the likes of King Nun and a choice slot at Liverpool Sound City, the four-piece have spent the last nine months strengthening their craft, ready for a return this year.  

Exploring the honesty of romance when under the influence, Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything proposes a more in-depth look into their experiences of late night mistakes, twisting into an unapologetic anthem firing dominant choruses straight from the notebook of songwriter, and frontman, Nat Waters. Expanding on the attitude slithering through on debut single ‘Waster’, their latest cut thrives upon the use of Waters’ turn of phrases, notably “Just like modern time lovers Bonnie and Clyde, let’s hold the world ransom tonight”

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Bandit are Nat Waters (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Josh Pears (Bass), Evan Tate (Lead Guitar), Barry Forsythe (Drums) 

Supported by the immediate rampage within the intro, their latest cut promises a step up for their attentive audiences, allowing for a heavy focus on Barry Forsythe’s thunderous drumming, or Josh Pears’ rollicking basslines. Formulating as one, the end product is as much about the intensely spectacular performance of the band as it is about the chants overseeing the, less than three minute, show. 

Talking about the single, singer Nat Waters says…

“A vague aroma of peppermints may only disguise the truth of a cigarette flavoured kiss, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants – terrible decision or not.” 

Armed with a new guitarist, Evan Tate, and out of a session with Alex Quinn (The Blinders, SPINN, Abbie Ozard) at Parr Street Studios, Bandit are returning inspired by the punk boldness so strikingly demonstrated by the likes of Fontaines DC and Idles, but continuously fuelled by their love of Cage The Elephant. 

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Photos: Dan Toole (@dan.photo_)


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