Aztec Temples are a 4 piece Leicester based Indie band made up of..

Conor Simpson – Lead Vocals

Shay Mcdermott – Lead Guitar

Lewis Brown – Drums

Tom Dewsbury – Bass Guitar

The band wrote their first song Fall in 2010 and have continued to write all their own material which they describe as “music with killer riffs”. Their first gig took place in February 2015 which secured them multiple headline gigs around their home town and they have just played a packed out Indie Rocks gig in Bolton.

I had a chat with the foursome to catch some of their news.

Hi guys, can you tell me about the band and how you formed?

Conor – We started out in September 2014, there was me, Lewis and Shea (our guitarist), and we practiced together for a little bit at Stay Free studios in Leicester. It was more as a hobby and later on we decided to make something of it as a band. We then came up with the name Aztec Temples. After a couple of months found Tom (our bass player) responded to an ad that we put out and we’ve not looked back since!

 Brilliant, so you write all your own stuff?

Conor – Yeah, we pride ourselves on it. We get more out of performing our own material, knowing that we’ve put it all together ourselves, coming up with ideas which can spark into a new song…

Your new single control is out now.. whats it about?

Conor – I wrote the lyrics which stemmed from me being 17 and drunkenly stole a friends moped and didn’t come back for a few hours! The rest of the song came from that.

Do you all have musical influences which you have brought together and used within the band?

Tom – For me its more pop punk- Blink 182, Green Day, Fall Out Boys that sort of thing.

Lewis – Arctic Monkeys & Oasis

Shea – I quite like Paolo Nutini

Conor – I’m a mixture really Arctic Monkeys, Oasis but then like Tom says Blink 182 is one of my favourites along with the Goo Goo Dolls, I’ve always like their style of writing so its something I put into my writing as well and its helped me produce my own style of writing.

Its exciting stuff announcing your track on BBC radio Leicester, did you think it was a massive mile stone for the band to be able to do that?

Conor – Yeah it was because we’ve recorded a few different songs in the past but when we wrote Control we really liked it and we thought this is a song we can really see ourselves recording and getting out there. We recorded it in July and we put it on Soundcloud and made a couple of You Tube videos for it around Christmas time and then got it sent into BBC. We found out Saturday it was gonna be aired. Its something were all really chuffed with because talents such as Jake Bugg and George Esra started out from being introduced that way.

You have a decent fan base in your home town which is steadily spreading up North , how have you been promoting your gigs and music for it to travel up here?

Conor – The more you put in, the more you get out of it and we just continue to promote ourselves as much as we can on social media. Putting tracks out on Soundcloud and giving people a reason to be interested in you as a band. We’re normal lads who like a beer, the football and having a laugh and we try to show that in the posts we put out.

So you’ve recently played a packed out Indie rocks gig in Bolton,the crowds response was magnetic, how does the achievement  of spreading up here feel? 

Conor – Its the first time we’d been to Bolton. When you play somewhere for the first time you never know what to expect, to be able to go there as headliners was something we were really pleased about. The reaction we got was the most satisfying thing for us, people have no idea who you are and they respond to your music so positively and then give you great feedback its brilliant. When you see people enjoying themselves to your music, we want that to continue as much as possible really.

Where can we hear your stuff at the moment?

Conor – We put links on our Facebook and Twitter pages also 4 songs on Soundcloud so if people are interested  in us we advise them to go onto Soundcloud and type in Aztec Temples.

What can we expect from you this year and what do you have going on?

Tom –  We’re doing a Sheffield gig at West Street Live March 21st, Fleecetonbury April 15th which Billy Bibby & the Wry Smiles are headlining. Also a few gigs around Leicester one at a new venue called Echo Factory March 31st another at a mod subculture at 2 Funky Music Cafe.

The lads will be announcing more gigs soon and intend on working around the country as much as possible.

They are also very excited to be getting back at it in the recording studio.

Lisa Lyla Devoy


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