I’m going to start keeping track of bands that do this, I’ll probably make a festival full of them. I can picture it now: I’d call it something generic like ‘Capital Fest’, and get sued by Capital FM. Or get them to sponsor it. I’d hold this festival in the homeland of ARCADES, the often-misspelled area known as Leicester, famous for hosting filming of the 1997 film The Girl with Brains In Her Feet.

But aye, before I continue my rambling, who exactly are ARCADES? They’re five un-conjoined, perfectly regular lads, to be exact; Tommy Cobley, Jack Hall, Matt Gore, Ollie Dennis and Steve Mayers comprise the band. Their sound for this tune sits somewhere within the uncanny, which is quite fitting really, considering the title of the track. How spooky,

To give you a rough idea of what to expect, picture this for me: ARCADES take your traditional indie format, and whack some belting fills over the top of it. Interject some glam-esque, attitude-filled vocals and some say, distinct, moves from front-man Tommy, and their latest single paints a very memorable picture indeed.

I particularly appreciate that ‘Phantom’ does not mess around; it’s as vivacious and dynamic as any indie offering nowadays, but the tune doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It’s concise, feverishly rep-playable, and much more robust than similarly lively tracks. I appreciate that the term ‘energetic’ is often carelessly applied to any new, high-tempo track nowadays, (and probably by myself on multiple occasions), but that phrase is a perfect fit for this no-nonsense banger.

Centered around a striking series of riffs and a simplistic chorus, the tune becomes embedded in your head after a few cursory listens. You can easily envision this one becoming a local anthem in the not-so distant future, thanks to the often-overlooked musical framework of keeping it simple. If ‘Phantom’ had a checklist, it’d consist of three steps: One, a slightly distorted, almost sing-able riff. Two, a simple and refreshingly predictable structure. And three, some notably virulent lyrics. There you go, the formula for a solid debut single.

If you’re a fan of the simpler things in life, then have a gander at ARCADES, (which may well not actually be capitalised, I’m just saying so to try and keep you engaged) who are playing the once again stacked card for the This Feeling stage at Y Not? Festival. There’s also a Facebook, a Twitter, a SoundCloud and even an Instagram page. 


(Feature photo: Will Ireland)


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