Hot on the heels of their This Feeling tour starting on September 8th. Indie rock ‘n’ Rollers April from Nuneaton, hit This Feeling/Jack Rocks stage on Friday and absolutely smashed it, in an energetic packed performance that rocked the whole This Feeling Tent.

You’re a relatively new band formed in 2015. You’ve hit the UK festival circuit hard this year playing Ynot, Tramlines, Leeds and The Isle of Wight. How are you finding the whole festival experience compared to say gigging at smaller venues? What are your highlights?

We love playing festivals, it’s great to see so many people come together for one weekend and just celebrate music and life and just generally being free! The gigs are massively different to playing inner city venues, which are great in all their sweaty glory, but there’s a much more relaxed vibe at fests and people (including us) are ALWAYS more smashed there, so the grooving gets underway much sooner!

Staying with that theme, where has been your favourite place out of all the festivals you’ve performed so far?

I think Isle of Wight was the biggest highlight, probably because it was our first BIG festival and one we’d dreamt of playing for years, the crowd were mental as well! We missed out on seeing Iggy Pop ‘cause we got a bit too out of it and Beefy (the drummer) was insistent that he was going on every fairground ride he saw.

Who are you all influenced by musically and why?

It’s a massive spectrum of beautiful music! We listen to a lot of trip hop, dub, soul, pop, funk, psych and hip hop, but It’s really too broad to sum our influences up! One day it’ll be Abba or MJ on the AUX and the next day it’ll be Massive Attack or DJ Shadow, so take from that what you will!

Where do you gather your songwriting inspiration? What’s the songwriting process is a band thing? Or down to one individual?

It can spring from anywhere/anyone really, anything from a simple catchy song that one of us have written, or just a riff, a beat or a vocal melody, it doesn’t really have a formula, we just find things we like and build the song around it. It’s a very band orientated process as all of our individual ideas for a song form into our sound, so an all-round input is essential.

How has the response been from fans to your music?

It’s been amazing! We’ve only had one release out so far with Ten Miles High and seeing people singing along to that at gigs is great, buts it’s even better seeing people singing to songs we haven’t even released yet! We’re real excited to get more of our new tunes out and spread the April love <3

What has been your biggest challenge so far as a band and how have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was getting our music noticed. We’ve all been in bands from a young age and it’s always been hard to get noticed when there’s so many great bands playing so many different gigs, so it was a challenge working out what we needed to do to get where we wanted to be. But now, we’re just having fun and living it up! We can’t believe where we are now!

What are your thoughts on the current music scene? It’s really exciting!

Big up to This Feeling as they’ve created a real scene for bands like us to grow and flourish and have introduced us to a lot of bands, aswell as introducing a lot of people to us so its sick! There’s A LOT of artists making waves at the moment, but band wise, We’re currently listening to/loving The Vryll Society, The Shimmer Band, Tibet & Liberty Ship, but if we’re talking all artists then people like Loyle Carner, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Kamasi Washington & Nao (to name a few) are really exciting.

What can we expect from April over the next year? Is there an album brewing??

We plan to release a few more singles which are already written and are gonna blow your mind!! We take each day as it comes, writing more tunes every week so we just plan to keep touring the UK, writing and recording tunes and seeing where we end up on the magical journey that is life.

For anyone who’s not heard your music, can you give a description and tell our readers what they can expect? (And more importantly why they should get off their arses to come and see you!)

We make euphoric songs about life for people to groove to, go nuts to, sing along to and most importantly, get a feeling from. We want people to leave our shows feeling like they’ve just seen something special, and for this upcoming tour we’ve worked hard on getting a setlist of tunes that are gonna blow people’s heads off. Oh, and we’re fucking LOUD as well.

You are stranded on a desert island…. alone with a record player and one vinyl… Who is it and why?

The Beatles – Abbey Road, no question. The biggest masterpiece in music of all time. Does this really need an explanation??? If so, I have two words… THAT MEDLEY.

Not to be missed, you can follow April below and catch them on their This Feeling tour here….

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apriltheband…
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apriltheband
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/apriltheband



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