On Friday, Alex Rave and The Sceptical announced their anticipated debut EP ‘Profound Absurdities’ due on 12th June.
The five track EP is set to showcase the beginnings of the dark psychedelic outfit of Lead Guitarist Connor Scotford, Bassist Joe Fowler, Rhythm Guitarist Josh Franks and Drummer Will Metcalfe – fronted by Alex Rave who “delivers a brutally honest account of life as he understands it, but more significantly, of life as he doesn’t.” Two tracks from the EP have already been released – ‘Itch’ and ‘Reasons’ which lay the foundations of the project, and with ‘Profound Absurdities’ they will be looking to expand on their success so far.
Bassist Joe gave insight:
“The theme of the EP definitely veers towards a sort of discontentedness at various aspects of life that we can all relate to. Love, landlords, workplace exploitation, fear and despair are honestly examined; but also hope, however remote it may seem. All things considered, it seems quite fitting given the way that 2020 has unfolded.”
Look out for ‘Profound Absurdities’ on June 12th.




© Ellie Foster Cover art                                           

© Carolina Sepulveda Press Pic




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