“Music With Intellect And Passion”

With a few exceptions, debut albums can be filled with all sorts of mayhem and excess, in the hope that all of that built up artistic mumbling, banging and in some cases angst, will find a home in the minds of an audience you haven’t met yet or if you have, it was in a club down an alley in a town you forgot you had visited that smelt vaguely of someone’s toilet!

Three piece band, Bloodhound have introduced their debut album ‘Fragile Skeleton’ into this well trodden realm of madness having released a number of singles and EP previously. I have to admit that on first listening, I must have been in a bad mood and dissed it for being something I had heard before. Yet, and that is a big yet, I listened again, and again and….again. The influences I had heard before, yes. The 60’s psychedelic echo, the power guitar, the booming base and the storm filled vocals were all there but so was a completely fresh and honest sound. It crept up on me like that stealth cat ready to attack and the more I heard each track, the more I fell into its arms. Sometimes, and I will be the first to admit it, first impressions aren’t always the best and with this album I am found guilty.

Tailor made for live performance, ‘Fragile Skeleton’ promises so much for this threesome and braves a music scene so filled with the unexciting and bland. It is so good to hear guitars again that rightly blame the banal for their existence. It is heavy in parts, but without that belt buckle smack around the head, it is measured and just enough to remember why you listen to good music in the first place.

As debuts go, I have to say ‘Fragile Skeleton’ delivers a personality that can only be described as concise and individual. Such a breath of fresh air for those of us who long for music with intellect and passion without the grubby bits that befalls so many these days.

Fragile Skeleton was released 31st January 2020. 

STREAM: https://tinyurl.com/un44ytj
BUY: https://tinyurl.com/uqxk9ts




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