“A montage of coloured sound”

Locked inside the history of everything that yells ‘Rock and Roll’ are influences from previous generations that blend perfectly with all that is new, and like the best milk shakes these ingredients must be of the highest quality and, distinct.

Baby Chaos and their new album ‘Ape Confronts Cosmos’ is the best of these ‘milk shakes’ and the blending of roaming, blistering guitars, drums that appear to be on wheels and bass tones remembering thunderstorms, is a mix of the brilliant past meeting the new.


The cream and brightly coloured sprinkles on top are the haunting vocals that flow to the ear, with need, want and desire. These emotions trip over themselves in a joyful dance, as if alone, but we all hear them, waiting and willing them on.

A montage of coloured sound, sometimes untamed and powerful and at other times acoustic and yearning, this collection of tracks demonstrates a willingness to explore the essence of musical freedoms, fought for and won by the generations past. It hugs, it yells and it laughs in all of its blissful elements and parts, generous but greedy for your hand. Hold it, it is so worth the journey.

Released on 6th March on Three Hands Records. Available on the link https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/baby-chaos/ape-confronts-cosmos/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialbabychaos/

Website: https://www.babychaos.com/?fbclid=IwAR2UkeySQsQwIY9qNJrRVxhoe-NCnD2nagFSPWXdNEzetkXBUd7BNPkd-2s

Run Towards The Roar



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