In just ten days, Northern Exposure are hosting their very own Royal Bedding event at The Royal Standard in Sheffield where a whole host of fabulous bands are giving up their free time to support this Musicians Against Homelessness event. While this will be held in parallel with the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markyl it does not run in conflict. It is merely in response to the decision to clear homeless people in a bid to tidy the streets of evidence of our current housing crisis – an action not sanctioned by the palace yet being upheld by parliament.

In response to the news that the streets of Windsor would be cleared of homeless people on the day of the royal wedding, MAH announced they would hold The Royal Bedding Day on the same day the 19th of May. They asked all of their supporters and friends to join them in putting on as many music events as possible across England, Scotland and Wales to support homeless people and to make a lot of noise.

We are so excited to be hosting such an event with the coming together of people across Sheffield and more importantly across the nation. There will be singing and dancing, excitement and a warm feeling inside all whilst raising money for a very important and worthwhile cause. So on the 19th of May we invite you all to attend…

The event is free entry and we are asking attendees to give what they can in the various collection buckets around the venue as well as buying a raffle ticket. We are so thankful to the following bands who are giving up their time and would like to introduce them to you:


With their solid bluesy Rock, sharp over tones and a ‘backwater’ feel, Andy P Davison, Paul Ward, Niall Kingdom and Ewan Ashburn make up this exceptional four-piece from Sheffield. These guys certainly show us that blues/rock still has a solid place in the local scene with plenty of presence and an attitude to match. You have to see these to appreciate their musicianship and calibre.


The Black Riders Cult are Jason Smith, the singer songwriter of the group who is on drums, Joe Goodwin on lead guitar and David Gotteri on bass. Hailing from Sheffield, the band describe themselves as mixing dark alternative sounds with heavy riffs, deep basslines and metaphoric lyrics. You can read more about them on their Facebook here… THE BLACK RIDERS CULT FACEBOOK


Jester are a young new band from Sheffield comprising of George Smallwood on vocals and rhythm guitar, Will Adlington on lead guitar and backing vocals, Jake Lillis on bass and backing vocals and Oli Brown on drums. Influenced by the likes of Green Day and The Sums, their  you can check out their music on their Facebook here… JESTER FACEBOOK 


Forming in 2015 through shared musical interests and a combined drive to create their own, The Attic Doctors refined their individual styles to infuse a unique mix of floor-filling beats, riff-driven yet melodic guitar work and infectious hooks. This five piece from Bolton, made up of Dean Peatfield, Joe Cubbin, Liam Duffy, Matty Dagger and Jack Smith, are set for greatness and are blowing the crowds away at every turn.


Birmingham based Rock ‘n’ Roll and Soul band, The Mojo Filters, formed in November 2015. At the beginning of the year, the band spent a weekend at Magic Garden Recording Studios recording their new single ‘What You’re Seeing (Is What You’re Getting)’ which was released on the 29th January, they’ve also released two other tracks ‘What you Seeing (Is What You’re Getting)’ and only this week they released ‘Spark’. They have huge plans on the horizon –  a band not to be missed.


Deep City Diver are an awesome three-piece. They perform as if they’ve just stepped out of a David Lynch movie, their music cool and rocky with the occasional nod to The Pixies in refrains in vocals such as ‘Down on Wreckyn Street, We’re Ruined’. Heavy harmonies rock while they present discordant replies to melodies on lead guitar. They have to be seen to be believed.


Sheffield based band Fluorescent are a four-piece hard rock psychedelia band mixing sounds of dirty riffs psychedelic melodies. They are: Tom Jackson on vocals and guitar,  Kam Khan on guitar, Joel Whitehouse on bass and Gav Brodie on drums. For a riotous experience and high-energy ride, check these out.


Sheffield’s fast-paced, three-piece indie-rock band, FloodHounds, throws you from British Indie rock to raw American blues and hits you with whatever is found in that swampy, turbulent, rock n roll intersection. These guys strike you with a sound reaching out from the speakers like a British White Stripes, with a hint of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a flash of the menacing groove of Queens of the Stone Age and leave you wanting more.


Doncaster born and bred musicians and writers  burst on to the scene two years ago with their own spin on indie-rock. With Tom on vocals, Matt and Sam on guitars, Alex on bass and Jordan on drums they always deliver an dynamic performance, this five piece band from Doncaster deliver fresh, anthemic indie rock and roll. After headlining the best local venues and playing some of Sheffield’s finest, The Kavaliers have developed a loyal following of real music fans across South Yorkshire and are now gigging across the UK and occasionally beyond! 


Sisteray came together out of their shared love for bands such as The Smiths, Velvet Underground, The Clash and The Replacements. This is proven in the upbeat melodies and lyrical observations of 21st century Britain, combined with high-octane live performances that have been key to making their live shows unmissable. Since their formation, Sisteray have been bringing their punk ethos to sold out venues up and down the country, performing pop-up guerrilla gigs, organising their own club night ‘Welcome to the Monkey House’ where they book the bands, promote the gig and often DJ, and have played roof raising sets at Camden Rocks and the Isle of Wight and Reading and Leeds festivals.


Kath Auto formed in early 2011 when three members of rock indie outfit Loman took a new direction both more electronic and several shades darker. They are Jason Quinsey on vocals and bass, Ben Walker on drums and Julian Crockford on synth, bleeps and guitar.

Please use the hashtag #RoyalBeddingDay  AND PLEASE SHARE this post, with your help everyone will join in! MAH are on Twitter at  @MAH_Gigs and Instagram MAH_GIGS and of course #northernexpwebzine

More details below: https://www.facebook.com/events/160116177962174/



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