I caught up with Jordon from Voodoo and the Crypts after their monumental set at our NE Does Tramlines 2017 gig. The band consists of Matt Mitchell on vocals and guitar, Jordan Woolnough on guitar, Rob Davies on bass and Sam Webb on drums and have been taking their unique sound to an array of festivals this Summer. We were lucky enough to learn a little about how life is ticking along in Voodoo and the Crypts…

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The boys describe themselves as a mixture of ‘80s dance music with elements of the ‘90s psychedelic scene and textures of acid house and pop. They create huge bass lines, dark powerful lyrics, solid grooves and memorable guitar hooks. Their look complements this sound perfectly.
They are having an incredibly busy time at the moment: they released their debut single, Feeling, in June and are currently planning the next release to follow it up. Their summer has been incredibly eventful thus far adding some new songs to their set list and getting stuck in at festivals such as Truck Festival, Tramlines and YNot Festival. Jordan confessed that ‘It’s cost them a bomb in petrol money and some liver damage’ but was seemingly happy with the trade off as, on his words, ‘We’ve had a sick time!’

Their pathway to all that is Northern Exposure began with a chance comment from a good friend of theirs who told them all about the work Rachel is doing and introduced them to Northern Exposure. After meeting with Rachel and Rachel attending one of their gigs, they were added to the Northern Exposure Does Tramlines line up. They described the experience as ‘unreal’ and explain, ‘We are excited to be working with NE as they’re doing big things up North. We feel really lucky!’

Their favourite festival memory so far was almost their worst: they nearly missed their set at YNot festival 2017 because it was so muddy. They couldn’t get our car round the back of the stage so had to run all their equipment from the car park through the mud and rain, missing all their soundcheck. Jordan adds ‘It was all worthwhile when we made it in the end though. We definitely won’t forget that one!’

Their handy hints for festival goers is that wellies are essential so insist that you all must grab a pair before going! Jordan added, ‘Bring more beers than you need. Nothing’s worse than ploughing through ’em all on the first night then having to spend £8 on one drink.’

Tramlines was the first gig Voodoo and the Crypts played Up North and they described it as ‘sick’, looking forward to future Tramlines gigs. They felt it was great introducing themselves to a fresh crowd and got loads of great feedback. They loved performing at the YNot Festival as well despite the muddy fields and pre-gig dramas. After the gig, many people caught up with them after which they found amazing and more than made up for the rain.

Voodoo and the Crypts have some exciting news which we can now share: they recently filmed the music video for Feeling and are can’t wait to share that with everyone. There are few gigs yet to be confirmed but they can tell us that are playing their debut gig with This Feeling and will be at The Hope & Ruin on Saturday 2nd September.

‘We’ll be supporting touring bands SHEAFS and Himalayas, it’s a brilliant lineup so you won’t want to miss it! Message us for tickets, it’s gonna go off.’

Twitter: @vatcmusic
Facebook: Voodoo and the Crypts
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/voodooandthecrypts
Instagram: www.instagram.com/voodooandthe crypts



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