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We first interviewed Tom Grennan back in January 2017, he’d just burst onto the music scene with collaboration ‘When it All goes Wrong’  with electronic giants, Chase and Status and was immediately likeable. We’ve continued to follow his journey the past year and a half, a very impressive one that has seen Tom working relentlessly to break world records, sell out venues up and down the country and release a top 5 debut album.

Working with Stormzy and Adele producers Fraser T. Smith and Sam Dixon on his debut release, Tom Grennan is one of only three British artists this year so far to get in the top 5 album chart. 

Arianne caught up with Tom at one of his many festival appearances this year, Kendal Calling, to find out a little bit more.

Hello Tom, welcome back to Northern Exposure! Going back to the beginning from when you started writing music and singing tunes, when did you start to notice a change with the hype and everything building up around you and your music?

 I don’t really know. There wasn’t like a point where I was like WOAH everything is changing. It’s been like a very gradual movement. We’ve built it from the ground up so, but it’s nice now playing festivals and knowing there is going to be a crowd and people there buzzin’ off your music.

What’s the feeling like when you hear a crowd singing your songs back to you?

 It’s crazy, because them songs have come from me. So for people to singing them back its touching man. Them lyrics have a impact on my life and it’s nice to know they stick in other people’s minds.

Do you have a particular lyric that has a big impact in your life?

Yeah, “Penny rolling up the walls” It’s an Amy Winehouse lyric and for me it’s just like representing being a fucking mad person who itching to get out and itching to be free. I’d say I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit.

You have just had a number 5 top album, what was the response like when you heard the news?

I haven’t really had time to take it all in. I was over the moon and still am over the moon. Not many people get the chance to have a top 5 album. So to be in that category is amazing. Only 3 English artists have had a top 5 album this year.

Well, massive congratulations from us here at Northern Exposure . You’ve just smashed a world record performing the most live shows in 12 hours across various small towns. So what’s the next world record?

Ha I haven’t got one planned any time soon, it was a lot of hard work that. I’m not too greedy, I’m happy with this one.

You have just also appeared on This Feeling TV who support a lot of unsigned and up and coming bands. Are there any of them that are sticking out to you at the moment?

My mates The Scruff are Definitely up there, always shout them out and always support them. They are also up there, that girl front woman with the big voice?

Bang Bang Romeo?

Yeah, yeah that’s the one, she is amazing her voice is another level. Doing well aren’t they.

Would you go back to playing footy full-time or is it something you’d just do in your spare time now?

This lifestyle suits me more to be honest, you can drink, smoke and have a bit of fun. Definitely more me.

Tom’s debut album #LightingMatches is out now! http://smarturl.it/LIGHTINGMATCHES

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