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Childhood friends from South Derbyshire, The Pacemakers are an Indie/Alternative Rock ‘n’ Roll band. They are made up of Alex (Bass & Vocals), Will (Guitar & Vocals), Taylor (Drums) and Frankie (Guitar). I caught up with them to find out more… 

Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are and how you formed?

Hello, we are The Pacemakers, we bonded over a love of music and after watching a local band we decided to get an acoustic guitar and started to learn to play and tried to begin to write songs. We never did anything with those songs we wrote and always saw it as a shame that we left them behind us.
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In September 2019 we decided to make a proper go of being a band after a chance meeting with Taylor at a mutual friend’s BBQ. We went from that day as a 3 piece meeting up the week after rehearsing and translating the songs and transitioned from acoustic to electric and writing new material. February 14th we released our debut single which was gaining popularity building up to the buzz of our debut gig which was really well received, that night had a great crowd and we felt like momentum was behind us. Ready to take out the rest of the year gigging. Over the summer we picked up guitarist Frankie adding to build a bigger sound , completing the band.

What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

Rock n Roll fueled by raw emotion and packed full of energy .We write about people and experiences we’ve been in; melody is an important factor when writing our songs. We take influence from a combination of bands like The Jam , The Libertines and leaning into 90s alternative music for that chaotic and shambolic but well rehearsed act.

How have things been for you over the lockdown/tier fiasco? What has been the most challenging?

Starting the band before a pandemic was a big issue for us to try and build a name for ourselves and forming relationships with people in the industry. We’ve got off to a false start and although social media now is great it’s just proved to us how music is all about the live experience,  the sweat, atmosphere and fans of live music.

What are your feelings about the current situation and its impact on live music and venues?

I feel like grassroots venues were fading away even before all this stuff kicked off although there’s some great independent local venues they are really going to struggle through all this and have struggled to get funding etc. These places need support now more than ever as there will be a bigger divide between those and the stadiums.

Do you think there has been enough help for the industry throughout the crisis?

It’s been really tough watching a lot of upcoming small and medium bands having to struggle as most of those aren’t making much money out of it anyway and to be cut off with little or no help It’s tragic for a country renowned for It’s entertainment scene.

2020 has been understandably riddled with a lot of negativity, what was some positives for you in 2020? 

It’s been a great process for writing as it has for many bands. I think we will experience a big resurgence of live music movement or revolution perhaps when all restrictions are lifted,  hard times change people and it’s usually reflected in the music and we can’t wait to be a part of that.

Tell me about your most recent please or upcoming single/album…

Our latest single ‘Does It Pay?’ is about old friends. It talks about loyalty, growing apart and losing someone you thought  could always rely on. It’s got a bit of a surf guitar riff and a flowing melody, when played live it embodies high energy. It’s the first track we’ve recorded together as a four piece.

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue to play after Covid-19? 

We’ve only played local venues as covid had cut us short but a dream venue for us to play the Whisky a Go Go in sunset strip it’s got so much history from all the bands from the 60s playing there so we’ll stick in on the bucket list.

Favourite festival you’ve played or want to play and why? 

It’s got to be Glastonbury,  it’s got such a prestige it’s when you can really feel you are a ‘proper musician’ who wouldn’t want to play there?

What tune should readers listen to right now of yours that sums you up the best?

‘Thick As Thieves’ hit over 10,000 streams on its release and that’s something we were really proud of. It’s short and sweet and showcases what we do.

What can we look forward to from you in 2021?

We have a real desire to get more of our material out there so we’ll be in the studio and knocking out some more singles to show you what we are about. We have the potential to release an album , that would be a dream and sticking as many live gigs as we can in there too.


Instagram: @thepacemakersofficial
Instagram: @thepacemakersofficial

Twitter: @TPM_HQ


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