I was lucky enough to catch up with Nils after The Northern Riots’ NE Does Tramlines gig last week. With Nils Arnold on guitar and vocals, Harry Renwick on drums, Amy Atkins on keys, Brad Holroyd on lead guitar and Luke Pilmer on bass, The Northern Riots have had success after success this Summer on the festival circuit. They describe their sound as indie-rock meets alternative and have been touring festivals and local gigs since their inception last year. They’re incredibly pleased with the positive feedback they’ve received so far from promoters and audiences this summer. They are working hard to play the gigs and increase their set lists as they go – soon they will be ready to get an album out.
They were introduced via another band supported by Northern Exposure.


Stray Scene made the initial connections and played their new tune Mother’s Temper to Rachel who on the strength of that knew The Northern Riots had something special. She then signed them up for the Northern Exposure Does Tramlines gig at The Royal Standard last week. Apart from Tramlines, one of their favourite things about being in Sheffield has to have been chips, cheese and gravy washed down with a few pints of Yorkshire lager!
One of Nils’ favourite festival memories was one with his sister. A stalwart of the festival scene, he and his sister have attended many over the years and one particular silent disco springs to mind. After a couple of days of festival life, they thought it would be a good idea to attend one dancing with no headphones. They jumped over the railings, proceeding to dance about to no tunes. Unbelievably, the stewards seemed to take a disliking to Nils and his sister’s unique take on silent disco etiquette chasing them out of the tent and beyond! That one’s a pretty memorable festival for Nils to look back on. Leading on from that, the only real advice Nil has for festival-goers is to simply avoid sleeping at all. That way you can get the full festival experience. And I suppose there are less tent dramas if you uphold that philosophy.

Nils was able to share a little exciting news – the boys are writing furiously, recording towards the end of this year and should have an album by 2018 so that’s something to keep your eyes out for! There are still some great local festivals going on this summer, so if you’re about in Scarborough, Headland is the one Nils recommends.

Links for up-to-the-minute info:

Twitter: @TheNorthernRiots

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVKrHuMH1fj6_ugmvNzG4Q

Facebook: The Northern Riots



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