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Storming out of the heart of Manchester, and covering more musical genres than I actually knew existed, The Moods are set to shine this year, through their immense musical knowledge and highly politicized tracks; their latest single, ‘P.O.P’ is a great example of this- check it out below. While I initially thought that a mere 60 seconds for such a music collective may be a tad short, we have our answers. Sit back, relax, and listen to some radicalised audiobook while we have a brief liaising with The Moods…
Tell us about yourself…
We are a ten-piece collective of musicians, producers, poets and rappers. We effortlessly combine many genres to create our own unique sound, and we pride ourselves on our live performance. Come to a show; we will make you dance and leave you thinking long after…

Who are your main influences?
So many to mention collectively. But for me, Bob Marley, The Doors, Pink Floyd, and more recently Radiohead, Akala and Chase & Status.
Sum up the band in five words…
Explosive, energetic, aware, orchestral, family.
Who writes the songs, and what are they about?
We all take an active role in creating our music, and no subjects are off limits. War, famine, death, nature, love and life.
Who is your favourite underground/unsigned band at the moment?
Virus syndicate. Mouse outfit.
What was the last track you streamed?
Joy Division, ‘Novelty’.
What are you like live? 
Two drummers, two rappers, two singers, a violin, trumpet, keyboards and bass. We usually have our own party on stage and the crowd need no invitation to join us.
Have you got any upcoming shows?
We are playing Rec Rock in Derbyshire on 16th September and embarking on a 20-plus date, Missing Peace album tour, from Brighton to Glasgow and most cities in-between…
If you had one album with you on a desert island, what would it be?
Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.
What can we look forward to from you?
The album tour, new videos and we have already started work on our next album at our own studio, Boomshack studios .


WEAPON OF CHOICE – Cannabis cream.
BASE – Boomshack Studio.
FOOTBALL – Man United.
GUILTY PLEASURE –  Eating a full pack of biscuits with one brew.
HERO – My dad.
VILLAIN – Tony Blair.
BEST COMEDY SHOW – Monty Python.
THREADS – T shirt/jeans.
TROTTERS – Trainers.
AT THE BAR – Spiced rum.
GIG YOU WISH YOU’D BEEN AT – Bob Marley’s Babylon by Bus tour.
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – Keeley, my wife.
FILM – K Pak
TOP 3 TUNES OF ALL TIME – anything from Missing Peace.
THREE WORDS – How about 4, I am a mood.
Have a gander at The Moods’ Facebook and SoundCloud, and check out their album, Missing Peace.



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