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Tell me a bit about your band & why should we check you out? 

3 lads from Salford & Manc who make a bit of a fast, alt, rock, indie punk music that makes you want to dance. Comprised of Chris on vocals, Jordan who plays both bass and guitar and Pete on the skins. Jordan is able to play both guitar and bass parts simultaneously only sometimes requiring him to physically switch instruments, his lead bass style brings a unique feel to the band heavily complimented by Pete’s playing style and fast fills it goes together like chips and gravy. Then to round it off Chris’ heavy Salford’ian vocals mixes it all together to give it the raw energetic vibe we strive for. We don’t care what anyone thinks cos everything that we’ve wrote and made is true to ourselves and our honest opinion on life.
Who are your major influences and why?  
We take influences from all types of music. The Strokes, The Walkmen, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, The Clash, The Jam, Stone Roses, Oasis, Interpol, Libertines, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes. These are just some of the influences we have as a band and these are all bands and artists who stayed true to their craft and paved the way for our generation.

If you had to sum the band up in 5 words what would they be? 
Fast, dark, loud, spunky and funky.
Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?  
Chris writes most of the lyrics but Pete and Jordan have also written a few songs that we do and haven’t yet finished, as well as comprised the music for all the songs. A lot of our tunes are based on true stories or real experiences that one or all of us have gone through we also have some summer vibe indie screamers as they’ve been called like Gins, Pricks and Good Times and they’re brill for having a boogey to.
Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why? 
Pete – At the minute I’d have to say Rolla or The Skinner Brothers
Chris- The Bugles
What’s in your car CD player right now or the last song played on Spotify?  
Pete – Goonies (I only tolerate you) by Bandit
Chris – Pumping on your Stereo by Supergrass
What is the best festival you’ve ever been to? 
Pete – Glastonbury by far 
Chris – Kendal Calling
Tiktok or Instagram?
Pete – Instagram, I’m on it a bit too much!
Chris- None apart from band stuff so Instagram 
Describe to me your live performance? 
Loud, boisterous and and exciting with an underlying intensity all the way through and ever so slightly comedic. We like to put on a show.
On that note do you have any upcoming shows?
We have a few gig announcements for Manchester shows coming out in the next few weeks, one show in May and one show in July. Keep your eyes on our socials for those announcements very soon.
You’re stranded on a desert island and have an album to get through, what is it?  
Pete – All Mod Cons by The Jam
Chris – Urban Hymns by The Verve 
What’s on the horizon, what can we look forward to from you?  
We have recently started booking gigs again and we are gearing up to head in to the studio to record some new tunes very soon.


Not really in to football but these two are City mad
GUILTY PLEASURE – (Cheesy tune)  
ABBA, Mama Mia
HERO – (Inspirations?)  
The Modfather Paul Weller
VILLAIN – (Someone like Cheryl Cole!)  
Ksi, the guy should’ve stuck to FIFA
BEST COMEDY SHOW – (The Office etc) 
Mighty Boosh
THREADS – (Favourite designer/piece of clothing)  
Gotta be Fred Perry
HOOFS – (Favourite footwear)  
Any Adidas Originals from Stan Smiths to Sambas
AT THE BAR? – (Alcoholic drink)  
Guinness or Stella
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – (Anyone in history)  
Edward Teach aka Blackbeard cos he seems like he’ll be sound
FILM – (Favourite film)   
TOP TUNE OF ALL TIME – (Favourite song)   
Moving by Supergrass
THREE WORDS – (Sum up band/you if solo)
To the point



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