This Sheffield-based duo caught my eye recently, after opening for Reactor’s 40th anniversary gig at the RS. Among a roster of cover bands and shouty old-school punk acts, these two lads stood out as rather talented individuals, proving that there’s no substitute for proficiency with one’s instrument; and sometimes, vocals aren’t always required…

Who are your major influences?
We listen to blues, rock, jazz, metal, punk, hardcore, reggae and hip-hop. Names worthy of particular mention though – Captain Beefheart, Rudimentary Peni, Jesus Lizard, Gun Club.

Sum up the band in five words…
Engaging, unpredictable beats and riffs.

Who writes your songs?
Nick does guitar riffs, Lee does drum beats, and we both arrange. 

What do you try and achieve with your tracks?
We try to make the songs concise and to the point, as distinct from each other as possible. themes are – heavy, quiet, quirky, awkward, energetic, on the verge of falling apart. Song titles are surreal or odd.

Who are your favourite underground bands?
We collaborate in Sixteen Hooves, but both play in other bands which we think are decent- Dog Canute (noise-rock) and Out Ink (experimental jazz). Favourite underground bands at the moment include Dead Rider and P.O.S.

What’s in your CD player, or the last tune you streamed?
Trash Talk – ‘No Peace’.

What are you like live?
Bipolar beefheartian blues, abrasive and experimental riffage, intense with multiple time signatures and virtuoso gurning and drum patterns.

Any upcoming shows?
Watch this space, live in Sheffield throughout December and January.

You’re stuck on a desert island, with one album to keep you company: What is it?
Trout Mask Replica, by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.

What’s on the horizon for you guys?
A third album soon… There are about 6 tracks we’ve been doing live but not yet recorded together with new stuff. There will also be a mini-album with guest vocal versions of tracks old and new.


WEAPON OF CHOICE – Fender Flame/Gretsch Streamliner.

BASE – Sheffield

FOOTBALL – One of us is a Blade, the other is agnostic.

GUILTY PLEASURE – Big Brother, Georger Micheal, Destiny’s Child. 

HERO – Alex Honnold

VILLAIN – Anti-Science/Climate Change deniers. 

 COMEDY – Stewart Lee.

TROTTERS – Flip flops.

AT THE BAR – Beer and Whisky.

GIG YOU WISH YOU’D BEEN AT – Any Hendrix gig.

FILM – Best in Show. 

TOP OF THE POPS – Not keen, with the exception of some grime, e.g. JME, Wiley, Lady Leshurr. 

THREE WORDS – Bad News List. 

Get on all the latest updates from Sixteen Hooves on all the usual social media, and even a bunch of their demos and early recordings dating back to the eighties. Have a look at their Facebook and Bandcamp.



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