Samuel Rogers is an experimental singer-songwriter from Birmingham, who brought an eclectic mix of rock n roll, soul, funk, folk and psychedelic rock with many a SHABBA! to our Tramlines event this year. I caught up with Sammy after his NE Does Tramlines performance last week to find out what is going on in the world of this fabulous lyricist, musician and showman…

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Sammy describes himself as a bit of a casual mod looking geezer from Birmingham with some catchy rockin’ tunes about hope, love, faith and happiness. He professes to have the appetite to ‘give it some welly on stage’ and likes to experiment with varied styles of music. He shared that he’s been performing lots of gigs on his own recently along with his trusted acoustic guitar and sometimes with the band. He hosts regular open mic sessions in and around Birmingham and more recently has ventured all over doing smaller festival appearances which he described as lots of fun. It seems like his feet haven’t touched the ground but he likes to be busy doing what he loves to do! 
Creatively, he easily has around five albums worth of material now making up his ‘back catalogue’ so to speak and rarely feels any pressure in terms of coming up with new material. He writes songs whenever they come to him, seemingly ‘out of thin air’, storing recordings of ideas in his phone to work on when the time feels right. 
As it is festival season, I asked Sammy for his favourite festival memory and he had no doubt that getting the chance to meet Paul Weller backstage at Hard Rock Calling on London a few years ago was his. Weller stayed and had a good little chat with Sammy which just was a dream come true. ‘I was absolutely buzzing, as he is known as God to most of my family’, Sammy confided. He told his idol that his favourite Weller album had to be ’22 Dreams’ so he thinks that enticed Weller to stay and chat with him for longer! 

Sammy’s handy hint for festival goers is classic: ‘Don’t fall asleep in your tent, sitting up with a can of beer in your hand. You will end up waking up drenched in beer, feeling like a right soggy doughnut!’ Take that with you on your festival adventures, dear NE readers!

Sammy loves performing up North as he feels the people are down to earth and ‘proper buzz off the music – you guys know how to party!’ He feels that us northerners often find his Brummie accent rather intriguing, and in some cases, amusing! 

Sammy came to the attention of Northern Exposure via Facebook a few years ago when he sent Rachel a link to his music. He told me that he was just trying to get his name out there at the time and Rachel saw something in him agreeing to give him a platform to perform. Sammy shared that as Rachel liked his music she got The Samuel Rogers Band involved at a few events and was keen to pass on this message: ‘Big love to Rachel and the NE bunch for their continued support!’

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Sammy has some exciting news for us which I can reveal is a little NE Exclusive! Sammy has not long finished recording a couple of songs that will soon be releasing as singles! He’s working on getting some music videos done for them and will be releasing the first one hopefully at the end of August or start of September. He’s really optimistic about his new singles stating, ‘these new tunes are sounding mega! -the best songs I’ve recorded to date!’ Sammy has been working with Gavin Monaghan who has produced the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, The Twang, and most recently has worked on The Sherlocks upcoming album. Sammy hailed him as ‘a good guy to work with’ and feels he got the best out of him in the studio. He’s really looking forward to getting these new tunes out there for the world to hear. We can’t wait to hear them!








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