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Oddity Road, (just off of Peculiar Avenue), are a blistering almost Sheffield-based quartet bringing a revitalized, yet distinctively indie sound to the table. I first experienced the band supporting The Sherlocks at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, and have kept an eye on them ever since. Influenced heavily by earl grey tea, the band are in the midst of a consistently busy touring schedule, performing up and down the country, making their massive, youthfully energetic sound known. 

Tell us about yourself…

We’re a 4 piece Indie Rock band from just outside Sheffield, consisting of Jack (Vocals and Guitar), Dan (Lead Guitar), Joel (Bass) and Ethan (Drums). 

Who are your major influences, and why?

We’re influenced by everything we listen to I think; without realizing it, we pick up influences from literally everywhere.

Sum up the band in five words…

Fast, loud, big, energetic, lettuce.

Who writes your songs?

We all put our own input in so it’s almost always a collaborative effort, quite unusual but we’re all on the same wavelength so it works quite well.

What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

We write about relatable stuff that almost everyone has experienced.

Who’s your favourite underground/unsigned band at the moment?

Stillia. They’ve got some really good songs, they’re proper underrated.

What’s the last tune you streamed?

‘Stacy’s Mom’, by Fountains of Wayne.

What’re you like live?

We give everything live and I don’t think we’ve ever come off stage without being shattered, we’re always ready for more though.

Any upcoming gigs?

We’ve got headlines in Liverpool 20th and Nottingham 27th of October. We have some huge announcements that are kept under wraps at the moment though, so stay tuned to our socials.

You’re stranded on a desert island with one album; what is it?

Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin.

What can we look forward to from you?

We’re sat on so many songs it’s beginning to get uncomfortable and we’re itching to release them, we’re just waiting for the perfect time.


BASE- Pretty much the middle of nowhere.

FOOTBALL- New York Jets.

GUILTY PLEASURE- Danielle Bregoli – ‘These Heaux’.

HERO- Dave Grohl.

VILLIAN- Robbie Rotten.

BEST COMEDY SHOW- The Inbetweeners.

THREADS- Anything by George.

TROTTERS- Good set of Flippers.

AT THE BAR- San Miguel.

GIG YOU WISH YOU’D BEEN AT- Live Aid ’85 for Queen.


FILM- Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.

SOUNDTRACK- Les Misérables.


Queen – ‘Bohemian Rhaposody’

U2 – ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’

One Direction – ‘Best Song Ever’.

THREE WORDS- Misunderstood, catchy, accessible. 

Keep an eye out for the band’s new releases, and get on to their socials, you edgy teen full of indie-based memes. 


Images courtesy of Oddity Road’s Facebook page.




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