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Mad Alice are an exciting blues/rock/alternative three-piece from Liverpool made up of Caitlin Hare, Ryan Lavery and Kraig Shaw.
 Their new single ‘Idee Fixe’ has been released by Ragazza Sola Records and is available on iTunes and Spotify now
Previously, they won the Glastonbury 2016 Emerging Talent Competition and have been working tirelessly on the scene up and down the country.
mad alice


Tell us about yourself…
Hello! We are Caitlin, Ryan and Kraig, and we are Mad Alice. We’ve been together for two and a half years, we’ve had five different practice rooms, and we like Led Zep, quorn cocktail sausages and fur jackets.

Who are your major influences and inspirations, and why?
We have so many things we take inspiration from! Lots of female-powered bands like The Dead Weather and Black Honey, as well as all the angels like Jimi Hendrix. They all have something extra about them that make them super inspirational. But we take inspiration from a lot of ’60s garage too.

Sum up the band in five words…
We spice up your life.

Who writes your songs?
We all write our own parts – it tends to come from one idea and we all add our own spin. Writing together is so fun!

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Largely our songs are about the strange relationships and experiences you find yourself in.

Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why?
There are so many awesome bands right now not getting the attention they deserve! Scarlet are our fave pals, plus we love The Shipbuilders and The Last Reserves. Liverpool has so much talent!

What’s in your CD player right now, or last song you streamed?
The last song we all listened to together was Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna. The last song I (Caitlin) streamed was Hunt Me Down by The Black Angels.

What are you like live?
We are usually a bit drunk and we just have a ball, because that’s what we want everyone else to do.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We are supporting Turbowolf in May at Smithdown Road Festival which we are super excited about! We’re playing a few other festivals over the summer too!

You’re stranded on a desert island and have one album with you, what is it?
Led Zeppelin IV

What’s on the horizon, and what can we look forward to from you?
After a super busy summer, we’re going to be recording again and hopefully touring with some pals. We’d love to meet Mark Riley from BBC6!



BASE – Liverpool
FOOTBALL – Roger Federer
GUILTY PLEASURE – Ian Carey Project – Get Shaky
HERO – Corbyn
VILLAIN – Kim Kardashian
THREADS – all the vintage and colourful
TROTTERS – I have a pair of Current Mood platform boots and they’re like pieces of art. But docs most of the time.
AT THE BAR – Love Lane (Liverpool beer)
GIG YOU WISHED YOU’D BEEN AT – the first ever Glasto
NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – Charles Bukowski
FILM – Moonrise Kingdom
TOP 3 TUNES OF ALL TIME – Goat – Talk to God; Missy Elliot – Work It; The White Stripes – Icky Thump
TOP OF THE POPS – 90% of current pop music is so terrible it makes me sad. It would have been so much fun to live in an era where The Doors were in the charts!



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