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Since exploding onto the music scene over 10 years ago its inevitable Kyle Falconer has endeavoured a rollercoaster career with everyone’s favourite Scottish band The View. Enduring a bad boy reputation from a young age and battling the demons of addiction, he’s taking a sharp left turn to lead him back onto the straight and narrow, finally releasing himself from his shackled past. Now a family man and at the height of his solo career we caught up with Kyle on his biggest solo gig to date at TRNSMT on Glasgow Green. At 4:55pm the sun beamed down on the Scottish crowd and there was a strong stench of factor 50 in the air as Kyle emerged onto the stage to play an array of hits from his upcoming solo album and also View belters from the past.

It’s been a year since we caught up at last years TRNSMT how’s it been going?

I was just going into recording my album, so I recorded the album, my babies grown up, I’ve passed my driving test. Yeah, its been great I’ve released a couple of singles and that so I’m just waiting for the explosion.

Last time we talked you was obviously at the height of the ‘Hats off to the Buskers’ tour with The View. How did the rest of the tour go?

It was great, we did 3 sold out nights at the o2 ABC which has just burned down, so it was good that we kind of got those shows in before that happened. But it’s terrible to see that happen anyway, as I love that venue. We played a big show in Dundee as well and it was sad to kind of see it go but it was nice. It got pretty mental, we toured that tour for 2 years doing the same set. We tried changing it up but it was good aye.

You’ve become a parent now as well. How’s parenthood treating you?

It’s just nuts, she’s at the age now where shes walking round and grabbing stuff. She’s class and she’s starting to speak so it’s started getting funny.

You’ve released 2 singles from your solo album and a B-Side. Where did the inspiration come from for ‘Poor Me’ and ‘Family Tree’?

In rehab everyone just says ‘poor me, poor me, poor me’ and all you can think is ‘oh fuck no it isn’t’. At the end of the day everyone’s in there for a reason. So I thought I’m going to a write a song about it. The songs quite dark but coming from the other side it puts a bit of a lighter side to the situation. Family Tree was the decision I made to not take drugs or drink liquor anymore. I can still drink beer but there’s only so much beer you can drink before you legs just give way, but with liquor it you start to do aggressive shit and forget what you’re doing. You can get hammered and then wake up in Barcelona and be like fuck how did I get here.


You’ve now had the pleasure of being in both a band and performing solo. Do you think your influences have changed musically when it comes to writing songs?

I don’t know, I’ve kind of kept the boys in mind because Kieran came and did some recording with me and we spoke collectively it wasn’t like push, push, complain, we are doing this and we are doing that. Even though I was talking from a personal perspective, it was like I was just singing with the boys again. We used to do a lot of football, like the songs football fans would sing, but this times its more personal and it’s a narcissistical thing but not in a bad way. I don’t have to worry about writing a song and having to say to myself ‘Is this too soppy for The View?’. It’s my decision and it’s the first time I’ve ever had that.


You’ve had an unbelievable start to your solo career with support slots with Liam Gallagher, how did this come about?

I’m good friends with Liam, I’ve known him for years and I always made him promise if a support slot came up I wanted one, so when one did I said ‘Oi you promised’ and he came back straight away saying don’t worry about it your on so he came through with it.

On your ‘Hats Off to the Buskers’ tour with The View last year you had support slots from up and coming artists and on your forthcoming dates you’ve got support slots from Dead Blue. How important would you say it is for established artists like your self to support new artists?

I think for an artist that’s not established it feels more of like an accomplishment I think that’s what we was like I remember the first time with ‘Proud Mary’ and when we was younger we loved them because Noel Gallagher recorded them. So I remember being put with them and thinking fuck, but it goes you sort of like an introduction into what you can have do you know what I mean like. Even seeing a rider for the first time and you’re like woah. Then you see the other artists, like this isn’t on the rider what the fucks going off here. The View could always sell tickets but it was nice in other cities to have other bands fans join us and sing along all night. But its nice for anyone but it makes you a part of the gang and makes you feel like you’ve been accepted, that’s what we felt like anyway. I remember when we went on tour with Primal Scream and we was invited to their dressing room for a drink but before that we was scared to even walk down the corridor in case we got grabbed by a security guard and got kicked out whilst shouting ‘I’ve got mi passes in mi pocket’!


Haha, you’re playing the King Tuts stage today, does the crowd get any better than playing in your hometown?

I don’t know, probably yeah, it depends because sometimes it can be a lot more nerve racking, all your family and pals come along for the day and they want to have a drink with you so you can end up pissed by time you make the stage. They think its party time and you can get caught away with them but you have to try and stay away until the end of the show because actually is your job you know what I mean

Lastly after the tour at the end of the year what does the future hold for Kyle Falconer?

Toon toon toon toon and then probably record some new music, I don’t know though because I recorded this album over a year ago I was expecting it to be out really quick, that was the plan to just get it out but once you start mixing stuff and you start to miss deadlines because you want it to be perfect. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back with The View yet but I don’t know we can only see what happens. I’m getting a lot of radio play and success in Asia at the minute which we had with the band but not as much.

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