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Described as “one of the purest and best voices coming out of Scotland at the moment.” Indoor Foxes has quickly gained support from BBC Scotland, BBC Introducing and BBC Radio One with her new funky single ‘Peach Stone’. With more new music on the horizon, 2021 is certainly set to be a big year for Martha Barr, I caught up with her to chat about all things Indoor Foxes… 

First of all, how have things been for you over the lockdown/tier fiasco? What has been the most challenging?
Things have been ok, I’ve just been ticking along trying to work hard and achieve everything I want to achieve while keeping everyone around me safe. The most difficult part of this whole pandemic for me (as a musician) has been losing gigs – I really wanted to have a headline this year and it was actually one of my 2020 New Years Resolution, which got rather stomped on.
What are your feelings about the current situation and its impact on live music and venues?
It’s been really heartbreaking to watch venues I’ve adored have to scramble and fundraise to stay afloat when these are places of such rich culture and discovery. I know I certainly have many happy memories attached to music venues I’ve gone to or played at.
Do you think there has been enough help for the industry throughout the crisis? 
I think it’s difficult to measure – ideally the UK would have done what New Zealand did and we’d now be COVID free but even given the circumstances and our late lockdown response it’s really hard for me to support the decisions the government has made. From my view it looks like a lot of politicians have been given pay rises that could have saved a venue for an entire extra year. However, credit where credit is due they have made some ghost of an attempt to look like they’re supporting the culture industry.
Tell our readers a little about you, how did get into music? 
I always find this question really funky because I have such an eclectic background in music. I started off as a classics, pianist and have played piano since I was maybe 2? So when I got given a laptop I just decided to try to apply those keyboard skills on synths and that’s how a lot of my early music was made. In terms of how Indoor Foxes has come to be, I find it hard to pin down a moment or epiphany. I think I have just very naturally developed as a musician – I taught myself guitar and production and got help from friends and family who know about this stuff – and I stuck to my ethos of making music I like. I’ll often go and meet friends and they’ll see me pause my own music and laugh at me but if I didn’t love music and the music that I make, why do it?
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Peach Stone is a belter of a track, I hear from that release you have been hailed and played by BBC Scotland, BBC Introducing and even BBC Radio One! How did that feel and can you tell me a little about the song and what it’s about? 
Being featured on radio stations like that was honestly overwhelming like it still doesn’t feel real. I still feel like I’m 14 and releasing my first ever song on Soundcloud every day so for other people to listen to and like and value my music is just so alien to me. And I don’t think it would have made sense for any other track than Peach Stone to be this spring board for me. It’s such a personal song and it is just so me that it had to be this one. It’s sort of a song about looking at yourself and thinking “Hey, I’m a really awful person now; how did this happen?” So what do you do when you recognise that? Because it really hurts to acknowledge that you suck, because you can’t put that on anyone else and you have to work that out for yourself. 

After sell-out shows in your hometown, I see you support Sucker in Edinburgh and Glasgow this March, are there any plans to venture out of Scotland? 
I’m so excited for the Sucker shows. Luke, who is the main promoter for the agency, has always been so supportive of me like ‘very-first-single-never-played-a-show-before’ supportive of me. So when he suggested he book me to do these headlines I couldn’t have bitten his hand off faster, so if someone suggested an England show to me I think I’d probably take their arm with me! I know that Lou, my manager, is looking into shows further afield so keep your eyes peeled.
Whats the dream? If you could see yourself in 3 years, what does life look like?
Wow – I always find this a really difficult question to answer. I try to live sort of day by day and not expect too much; I’ve never had a plan with Indoor Foxes I’ve always just done it for the hell of it. Ideally, in the absolute utopian world I’d have to say world tour, multi platinum album and my own dog. But realistically I’d just like to still be able to make music that people love. 
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What can we look forward to from Indoor Foxes in 2021?
I’ll try and not give too much away, leave everyone on the edge of their seats a bit, but you’ll definitely be HEARING more Indoor Foxes, wink wink, and hopefully myself and classy lassy will have some actual stuff you can literally get your hands on.







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