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I caught up with Halcyon Days from Sheffield for a 60 chat. Influenced by a whole host of musicians stemming from the 60’s upto the 90’s, the band lean towards a indie, shoegaze, psych sound…

Please introduce yourselves to our readers, who you are and how you formed?

We’re Halçyon Days from Sheffield, we’re all mates, Brady (skins), Luke & Archer (strings) and Baz (vox) we have all got pissed and what not with each other for years, and we formed to make indie music, it’s what we love and what we’ve always known and decided to have a bash. 

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What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

We all grew up listening to bands from the 60’s through to the 90’s, but we all particularly have affinities towards 80’s & 90’s indie. So you can kinda tell we are a nod toward that direction.

I’d say we are indie-shoegaze with a bit of psychedelia sprinkled round the edges here and there. We have our influences firmly fixed on our sleeves, bands such as Roses, Ride, Oasis, Northside, Verve…

How have things been for you over the lockdown/tier fiasco? What has been the most challenging?

It’s been shit. The most challenging music wise was finishing the EP. It took months with the lockdowns. We should be putting our 3rd EP out now not the second one (Palisades). It could be worse though, lots of people are having a tough time. 

What are your feelings about the current situation and its impact on live music and venues?

Feel sorry for all the venues, especially the small independent ones. It’s wank, cos a lot of the venues are going to disappear if it carries on. Even the ones we’ve known or want to play. No halcyon magic wand can sort any of that. It’s out of our control anyway, so we’ll just crack on!

 Do you think there has been enough help for the industry throughout the crisis?

I guess time will tell, there’s been some funding for a lot of venues to keep their heads above water, unfortunately there’s also a lot of venues that’s gonna be gone for good. 

2020 has been understandably riddled with a lot of negativity, what were some positives for halcyon days in 2020? 

Positives for us were when we finished our EP (Palisades). We were all proper buzzing when we heard the master Mark Gardener from Ride had done for us. Hearing this back for the first time gave us a massive sense of achievement……and relief. After releasing Palisades in November, it got some attention in America via SSRFM Sanctuary Radio and Jack Rabid and The Big Takeover Show in NYC. Even Lunastrom’s Daydream Show in Germany are spinning it. It just reassures the fact that not only do we buzz off what we’re doing, but other listeners are diggin it too. Which just spurs us on even more.

Tell me about your most recent release or upcoming single/album…

Our Palisades EP has sounds on there that have been long forgotten and yearned for a return by some. Mega Jangly licks to float around your head or heavy riffs to keep you on yer toes.  Credit is also due to Atko (Stationhouse studios) and Ride’s Mark Gardener (Ox4sound studios) for their creative magic on and off the record!

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what would be your dream venue to play after Covid-19? 

Any venue with a bar!!! But the best venue was at ‘DINA’ in Sheffield and was only one of three gigs we got to play before Covid hit. We were gutted to have missed out playing on ‘Shaun Ryder’s Evening With’ in Sheffield as well, it’s the first gig we were asked to play. That would have been our best had it happened.  Not really got a dream venue to play, as long as there are people to play to we would play in a bog. 

Favourite festival you’ve played or want to play and why? 

We’ve never played a festival as we have been stopped dead in our tracks just as we started. A gigs a gig so anywhere that will have us, we aren’t fussed, it’s not what festival you’re playing at…it’s who you’re playing it to.

 What tune should readers listen to right now of yours that sums you up the best?

Every track is the epitome of halcyon days! Check out our Tune ‘Palisades’ that tune takes you on a bit of a journey. The ending is bliss if I do say so myself. There should be something for everyone on the EP though, there’s even an instrumental called Cymbeline.

What can we look forward to from you in 2021?

Well, it’s a few days into 2021 and it’s still shit. Hopefully it will become much safer for everyone’ and then we can all get on with recording some more tunes, fingers crossed for some gigs and a massive piss up while we are at it. 

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