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BINES, are a rock and roll band from Leyland, Lancashire. They formed back in September of 2016 and have been gigging extensively around the north west since 2017, playing venues such as Manchester Academy and a number of festivals including Liverpool’s Sound City. They’ve released 3 EP’s to date and 2 singles and at the start of 2020 got chosen as one of the ‘Big in 2020’ acts by This Feeling, sponsored by Radio X. 

What style of music would you describe yourself as and what influences do you draw upon?

Our music has mainly been likened to modern day Britpop, which makes sense as the late 80’s and early 90’s music is our biggest influence as a band. Although we feel theres still a rawness to our sound which gives us our own identity. Growing up we where all big fans of the Madchester/Britpop scene, all loving bands such as Oasis, The Verve, Stone Roses so you can hear elements of their sound in our music. We set out to try and recreate our own version of Britpop and recapture the buzz around bands in the early 90’s, which you haven’t really seen since then.

How have things been for you over the lockdown/tier fiasco? What has been the most challenging?

I think for us the most frustrating thing was we where just starting to really make waves and our music was breaking the north west border to further afield. We had just been picked as one of the ‘Big in 2020’ acts and had played the showcase event at the Bred Shed in Manchester. Following that we played a sold out Manchester Academy and where on the course for a few big festivals slots on the main circuit. So it was very bad timing for us. It also had an affect on our latest EP release, which we where recording at the time we got shut down. It obviously put a delay on the completion of the recording and mixing process and then when finally released we weren’t able to promote the new music through gigs, which all bands know is the best way to do so. But one positive that has come out of having the break, is it’s given us all a time to reflect and look back at what we have achieved the last 4.5 years and look to the future and really work on our sound.

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What are your feelings about the current situation and its impact on live music and venues?

Like everyone who loves music it’s rubbish. Going to gigs for a lot of people is there release and get away from the stress and strains of day to day life, so not being able to do that is impacting a lot of people in a negative way. But you have got to look at the bigger picture. Its the same with the majority of hobbies really isn’t it, they have stopped and the most important thing is peoples health and well being. But one thing I will say though is I think the music industry as a whole has been one of the least supported through this pandemic. Seeing more and more venues go out of business due to lack of support financially and people who work in the industry behind the scenes are really struggling. There is a lot more to the music industry than what meets the eye like music labels etc. The heart and soul of the industry are the clubs and pubs that host the events, the sound guys on the night doing the sound, the promotors/promo companies, the managers of artists grafting to get their acts name around. All these people aren’t getting paid at the moment and there’s no support for them at all which is not good. It was good to see so many big artists come together to try and get the government to look at this. Let’s hope for all of us music lovers this lockdown is the final leg and we can get back to doing what we love!

2020 has been understandably riddled with a lot of negativity, what was some positives for Bines in 2020?

The gigs we did get to do at the start of the year before the virus where obviously a highlight. We also released a new EP called Endless, which has been received really well and we have gained a new fan base in Scotland from it which is cool! It’s just a shame we couldn’t travel up there and play for them.

Tell me about your most recent please or upcoming single/album…

As mentioned above the Endless EP was released back in august and it was has gone down really well. It was originally planned for a May time release before the pandemic hit and pushed everything back. But ye we are really pleased with it! Good mix of Britpop and rock and roll in there. We recorded it with Mark Jones at MJM Recording studio in Ostwaldtristle who we have worked with on all bar one of our releases so far.

What’s the best venue you’ve played so far and what’s would be your dream venue to play after Covid-19?

Probably Manchester Academy just because it’s on the main circuit and it was sold out so the atmosphere was mint. But all the venues we’ve played in Manchester are top. We’ve been lucky enough to play all the top venues really now in Manchester like Night and Day, Soup Kitchen, Bread Shed and the academy. Just the arena to go now!

Favourite festival you’ve played or want to play and why?

Liverpool Sound City was cool. We played pretty early on, on the Saturday, so it gave us the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves and the free beer. We also got to catch the band Shame who we are all fans of and we chatted with them back stage for a bit after their set and they are all proper sound lads. Would love to play any festival really, they are the ultimate for music fans. Obviously Glastonbury is the ultimate isn’t it!

What tune should readers listen to right now of yours that sums you up the best?

I think Where’s the Belief? Off our very first EP. It’s the ultimate BINES tunes, a favourite with the band and the fans. One of the first I wrote and took into the studio for the lads to make it better haha, so I think it epitomises us really. My favourite is Lay it on Me off the same titled EP. Proper Britpop. But check out all our tunes, there’s a good variety in there to suit all vibes I think.

What can we look forward to from you in 2021?

We have a BIG announcement coming very soon. A new direction we are taking which we feel will make our sound and live performance bigger and better. So that’s really exciting. I’ve also been working hard during this pandemic to get some new tunes down and we’re currently working through some new demos, all though it’s due to the studio being closed. But I’m pretty confident we will have enough to potentially release an album towards the end of the year… Not meant to tell you that though haha… But yes! WATCH THIS SPACE!







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