After their astounding set at this year’s NE Does Tramlines 2017, I spoke to Holly from Berries, the London based alt/rock trio who are well known for their energetic shows and original take on riff-driven rock. They describe themselves as ‘grunge, rock with some bluesy riffs and discords thrown in every now and then …and a lot of hair.’ On stage, they have an enigmatic quality as all three girls, Holly on vocals and guitar, Lauren on guitar and Lucie on drums are charismatic, striking and hugely talented in what they do. With an electric energy and tight performances with each song, they are quickly gaining an impressive following as their reputation for great performances and originality takes flight.

Musically, Holly reveals, they are currently trying bigger break downs and a slightly heavier sound with some unusual structures thrown in. They all have a variety of different influences so their song-writing is all about capturing those styles right now: Holly will often take a riff to Lauren and Lucie and they will put their own style on it and as they work collaboratively, they will re-visit it a few times and are open to where the sound takes them. Holly explained that it’s always interesting to see where the song is heading! They are currently working on a new song that they are particularly excited about mainly because none of them can play it yet – this sounds terrifying! Holly assures me that this piece is certainly a work in progress as it’s in that critical stage of ‘Can they do this?’
‘SURE WE CAN!’ Holly assured me.
We look forward to hearing the finished product!

Berries were discovered by Rachel at Northern Exposure earlier this year and were invited to perform at this year’s Northern Exposure Does Tramlines at The Royal Standard in Sheffield. As they arrived Holly said that they felt ‘There was a brilliant buzz around the venue’ and they enjoyed watching some ‘Awesome acts’ before they jumped up to perform. They were incredibly well received – the audience loved them and Holly confided that they got some great comments from the crowd. Holly became aware during her time up here that Sheffield has ‘A brilliant music scene’ and they had previously heard a lot about Northern Exposure so felt ‘It was really great to be involved!’ They followed Sisteray who they felt ‘Were excellent!’

Berries’ impression of being up North was that ‘Everyone was so friendly and chatty and we met loads of awesome people!’ They were particularly impressed that ‘The booze and food was so cheap – it’s a dream!’ Although on the downside, they did find it quite chilly up here…
In terms of their other favourite musical memories over the last few years, they found Camden Rocks to be ‘Pretty amazing!’ as they ended up playing two slots on a boiling hot day and Camden was packed. Holly remembers that there was such an amazing atmosphere, their first slot was at Proud Camden, opening at midday, and they were convinced it would be deserted. They couldn’t believe it when loads of people started filing in and they ended up playing to a really busy venue on the opening slot. New travels fast, obviously! As seasoned festival goers themselves, they advise people to go and see the bands that no one knows about because the bands will appreciate people attending more and it’s very likely that these brave individuals will stumble on some hidden gems!!

Berries have some exciting news for us – they are in the process of confirming a release date for their new four track EP and they have a music video for their latest single Wild Vow which has recently dropped!

These are their up-coming shows –

19th August The Soup Kitchen, Manchester
8th September The Finsbury, London
17th September Head For The Hills Festival, Greater Manchester
19th October The Black Heart, London



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