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We’ve caught up with international songwriting winners and BBC introducing backed band, Bandit. Bandit are made up of Nat Waters (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Josh Pears (Bass), Evan Tate (Lead Guitar), Barry Forsythe (Drums).

 “Bandit tells tales of nights out, love, loss and desperation, capturing the essence of Saturday night and the hangover Sunday morning”

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Having almost 300,000 streams on Spotify the band have been working hard over the last nine months to prepare for their return. They told us all about their new single “Peppermints don’t hide everything” via SAM Records.  

Congratulations on your newest single ‘Peppermints don’t hide everything’, how has the initial reception been to the track?  

Hello gang, thank you very much! Its been great so far, we’ve been overwhelmed with nice messages, shout outs, had some great reviews and everyones just dead excited! 

 What was your inspiration behind the song? Where did the name come from (it’s brilliant by the way!)?   

The inspo came from a night out I went on with a girl I was into. She wasn’t the best of influences shall we say and our walk home with filled with mischief before winding up back at hers. The name came from leaning in and sharing a cigarette flavoured kiss, still into it nonetheless. 

How has it been for you as a band recording and releasing a song during lockdown?  

We’ve been really busy to be honest. A lot of time has been taken to develop our sound, both writing and production wise, so it’s not actually been too bad. Plus the reception so far to the new single has blown us away – its a good time to release music, everyone is sat at home listening. 

What can we expect from Bandit this summer?  

Apart from taking a few tins down to Sefton Park for some liquid inspiration we’re gonna be putting out more music, currently sitting on a screamer thats out next. So prepare to see our beaming faces all summer long.  

 Most bands stick to traditional social platforms like Facebook/insta, etc, how has Tik Tok worked for you?  

It was our manager who twisted our arm to get on TikTok, we’ve seen a new influx of fans from the US which is something we’ve not had before, it just enables a completely new audience who are always more than welcome. 

We should be back doing live events soon, what are you most looking forward about being in that atmosphere?  

Looking out into that crowd, staring em out n seeing em chanting one of the tunes is always an amazing feeling.  

Is there anywhere you’re eager to play once lockdown is lifted?  

We’re really eager to play a show in our hometown Liverpool. Also very excited to get down and play our first London show. 

 If you could pick any up and coming band to play a live show with who would it be?  

We’d have to go with Yard Act who are boss, should deffo check em out!  

 Finally, what has the future got in store for Bandit?  

Futures looking very bright. There’s gonna be more music, more gigs, more development and then the cycle starts again! Follow us and keep up-to-date! 

You can find Bandit’s new single as well as their other tracks on Spotify…







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Photos: Dan Toole (@dan.photo_)



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