Arcades have had quite the year, performing at some of the biggest festivals in the UK on the Jack Rocks/This Feeling stages and recently have had their new single ‘Phantom’ played on Radio X.  

So what exactly can you expect from Arcades?

Having seen the band live a number of times now, I’d describe the band as full of attitude with soaring anthemic tunes and an indie-glam rock style. Elaborate stage performances come from enthusiastic  frontman Tommy Cobley which results in an overall explosive band energy. The band have been on our radar a while now after seeing them perform at a This Feeling night at WaterRats in London, then at Isle of Wight Festival and YNOT. Based on those brilliant performances we 110% recommend you get to see this band live. 

We caught up with the man himself (Tommy) earlier this week to tell us more…..



Tell us about yourself… 

Some people like to live their lives through the screens of their mobile phones and get across how perfect their lives are via social media. I prefer to walk through Tesco wearing a leopard print trench coat seeing how many minds I can blow whilst I’m buying my full fat milk. There’s a lot more to life than what a mobile can give you. Get off your phones and open your ears because theres music to be heard!  

Who are your major influences and inspirations, and why? 

For me personally if I’m feeling a bit stuck in a rut with everything i’ll always go back to Lennon or The Beatles. Thats we’re my journey started in music. Its like resetting the mind when I listen to The Beatles. Takes me back to year 3 when I went to school in a suit and Lennon cap. Reminds me you can do anything because it’s your own art at the end of the day. 

Sum up the band in five words…

Not So Pretty Leicester Lads 

Who writes your songs? 

Most of the time it’s myself writing on my acoustic or keyboard at home. Once I’ve got about five or six tunes i’ll take them to the lads at the practice room. Then we’ll fight for about two hours until we come to an agreement and at the end of the night the songs will be finished. Start from scratch the next day. 

What are the main themes or topics?

I normally write a tone of lyrics/poems and then ill sit on the top of my stairs with my acoustic guitar and sift through them. I tend not sit there thinking god right I’ve got to write our next single today it’s got to come from a feeling inside. Something I’ve seen on my travels with the lads. I can’t write about nothing. All of our songs are about myself and us five and whats happening to us right now. Individuality is one I like to mumble on about. I think it’s important to be yourself all the time you know what I mean. To many sheep and not enough characters out there. Who cares if your considered ‘weird’ I love being a Weirdo. Weirdos keep it interesting. Lyrics I’m big on. I like them to stand out. I’m not re-inventing the wheel or anything I just think outside the box when it comes to words. Words are powerful and when I really want to say something I want people to know how I’m feeling when I sing them. I want the song to wrap around you and take you on a ride in my mind for the three minuets or however long the song last for. You’ve got 30 minutes do some damage.  

Who is your favourite unsigned/underground band at the moment and why?

Tell you what i really like two bands at the moment. Theres this band called RedFaces from Sheffield. We met them at Isle Of Wight Festival backstage. Really nice lads and they know how to write a pumping tune. We’ve Seen them a few times now and they just get me going when I watch them live. Paves are another band we love. We’ve played a few shows with them and they’ve become good pals of ours. Luke their singer is an incredible front man. Its another case of you see them live and your gone with it. Theres something about Luke he gets you under his spell and you can’t take your eyes off him.

What’s in your CD player right now, or last song you streamed?

Alexandra Savior’s debut album me and jack are in love with it. Would like to cover one of her tunes one day. 

What are you like live? Describe yourselves..

A nonstop set full of emotion, energy and personality. Powerful pumping tunes that make you want to either have a fight or a little cry in the corner. We’re having it when we get on that stage. 

Do you have any upcoming shows?

30th September /  The Lexington / London. 

26th October / The Flapper / Birmingham 

24th November / Off The Cuff / London 

25th November / O2 Academy 2 / Leicester 

You’re stranded on a desert island and have one album with you, what is it?

Big question! Right now i’d have to say Kasabain’s 3rd album West Rider. It would remind me of home. 

What’s on the horizon, and what can we look forward to from you? 

We’re getting ready to drop a second single in the next month or so. Once we’ve released that we’re going to go out a play a load of shows and let people know what we’re about. Saturday 25th November we’re playing a massive hometown gig at Leicester’s Queens Hall (O2 Academy 2). Really excited about this one. We played it last year and it went off but this time round it’s going to be something really special. Tickets are on sale now.  

Quick-fire Questions


BASE – Leicest-eh

FOOTBALL – Leicester City


HERO – John Lennon

VILLAIN – Simon Cowell

BEST COMEDY SHOW – Phoenix Nights

THREADS –  Ray Brown

TROTTERS – Loafers

AT THE BAR – Zombie cocktail with a massive umbrella. Like the ones Del boy drinks.


NIGHT OUT WITH ANYONE – Liam Gallagher, who wouldn’t..

FILM – Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino

SOUNDTRACK – Peaky Blinders


Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower 

The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

Al Green – Lets Stay Together 

This changes every hour of the day mind. 

TOP OF THE POPS –  Soggy Bread Music


You can contact/follow Arcades on all the usual social media outlets below…




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