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The Thieves are a trio made up of guitarist and singer Frankie Dobson, bassist Liam Raine and drummer Leon Chadwick, coming from the great North East of England in County Durham and forming in 2017, since then they’ve created some massive tunes. With huge plans for new music and live events this year, we got to chat all about what we can expect from The Thieves.  

For anyone who hasn’t heard The Thieves sound, how would you describe it?  

We’d describe our sound as very raw and honest, we’re not trying to pretend to be anything we’re not really just catchy, honest and raw there’s no smoke and mirrors about it.  

You’ve come a long way since your debut single in 2018, how do you feel the band has grown over the last few years?  

I think it’s come on massively sonically and in terms of reputation being from a place that a lot of people haven’t heard of has meant we’ve had to work a lot harder to get our names out there.

How has it been creating music throughout lockdown?  

It’s been strange but honestly it’s great, it’s given us a lot more time to go away and hone our craft individually as musicians and in terms of songwriting it’s allowed us more time to experiment and find sounds we like and find new ways to improve our sound live cause that to us is one of the most important things .

You’ve just announced your first gig of 2021 (get in!) headlining at NE volume music bar in Stockton, how does it feel knowing you’re getting back out there in the live atmosphere?  

It feels brilliant! This is our first full capacity headliner too so it’s definitely another step in the direction we want to go in, it’s just going to be great to get back doing what we do best which is being a live band.  

What cities and venues are you keen to play in?  

Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool we want to play all the big cities and sell them out, we’d play anywhere and everywhere that would put us on! 

What have you missed most about live events? 

Just showing people what we’ve got, when we play live we give it 100% every time without fail I think just playing to people and people actually liking our music and wanting to listen to it more. 

From a musicians POV, how do you think the industry has been treated over the last year? 

I mean we don’t really know the ins and outs of it, I imagine there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about but I think a lot of people from an (outsider’s perspective) have a leg up somewhere and it starts becoming less about the talent and more about who you know.  

As an unsigned band, creating great success for yourselves, What would you be keen to see change in the industry to give unsigned bands more equal opportunities?  

The royalty situation is quite a big one like obviously money isn’t everything, it’s playing your music to people and people enjoying your music, but streaming services should give the artists what they owe. 

Do you have any goals for The Thieves for the rest of the year?  

Just gig relentlessly, keep building and keep making the right progress.  

And finally, what can we expect to see from The Thieves this year?  

Well, as you mentioned we have a headliner on the 24th of June at The NE Volume Bar in Stockton its 3 days after the restrictions are officially lifted so come out and see some live music! We’ve got some BIG gigs planned for the back end of the year and some exciting plans for the studio as well but that’s about it!  

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Tickets for their upcoming events are linked on their Instagram.  



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